All Tory Lanez Songs

Songs In album
...The Make Up Playboy
'87 Stingray Alone at Prom
1 Call Chixtape 4
10 Shots -
10 Shots Of Deleon -
10 Times Swavey
100 -
100 Bandz -
2 Ea$y -
4 A.M. Flex I Told You
4 Me Memories Don't Die
40 Days n 40 Nights Fargo Fridays
48 Floors -
48 Hours Memories Don't Die
4am Flex I Told You
4am Flex (Skit) I Told You
A Week Straight Lost Cause
Aaliyah Chixtape 4
Accordian Chixtape
Accordion Chixtape
Act a Fool (Remix) -
Acting Like Cruel Intentions
Against My Religion -
Ain't Right** Love Me Now?
All Away -
All In My Head (Flex) -
All In My Head (Flex) (DJ Keynote Speakaz Will Take You There Remix) -
All Night Long** Alone at Prom
All That Chixtape 2
All The Girls I Told You
All the Girls (Skit) I Told You
All the Time -
All These Bandz -
And This Is Just the Intro Playboy
Anyway The New Toronto 2
Apartment 310 Sincerely Tory
August 19th Fargo Fridays
Ayo Chixtape
B.B.W.W x Fake Show Memories Don't Die
B.I.D. Memories Don't Die
B.L.O.W (Remix) -
B.L.O.W. Fargo Fridays
Baby -
Babyface Savage -
Bad Boy -
Bad Tingz (Richmix) -
Bal Harbour The New Toronto 2
Bal Harbur* -
Balenciagas Fargo Fridays
Ballad of a Badman Alone at Prom
Band a man -
Banga Fueda* El Agua
Bartenders & Spenders The New Toronto 2
BDay We Outside
Beautiful Place Mr. Peterson
Beautiful Refugee Swavey
Been On (Remix) -
Benevolent Memories Don't Die
Besando* El Agua
Best Friend -
Bhad* -
Big Dog When It’s Dark
Blame My Ex Sincerely Tory
Blue Jay Season Fargo Fridays
Bodmon Song Fargo Fridays
Bodmon Song (Extended Version) The New Toronto 2
Bodmon Song (Mixtape version) The New Toronto 2
Bodmon Song (Remix) -
Bottled Up * -
Brand New Choppa -
Brazy Ness When It’s Dark
Calling Out To You** Alone at Prom
Came 4 Me Chixtape 3
Came Thru The New Toronto 2
Can -
Can't Get Enough -
Canadian Goose -
Carolina High Sincerely Tory
Champagne Wishes & Caviar Dreams -
Choppa** El Agua
Chopstix II -
Clean -
Club Love -
Cold -
Cold Hard Love I Told You
Cold Hard Love (Skit) I Told You
Cold Love* -
Colt 95 Conflicts Of My Soul: The 416 Story
Come Back to Me I Told You
Come See Me -
Conmigo (With Me)** El Agua
Connection Memories Don't Die
Controlla (Remix) Fargo Fridays
Crew Chixtape 2
Crocodile Teeth Freestyle Stoner
Cut Me Off Love Me Now?
Cypher -
D.O.E. / The Lights Conflicts Of My Soul: The 416 Story
D.V.E* El Agua
Damn -
Dance For Me Memories Don't Die
Dancin' The New Toronto 2
Danny Glover (Freestyle) -
Deceiving Eve Playboy
Dem Ones Fargo Fridays
Dependency -
Designer, Dasani -
Diamonds -
Diego Spotify Sessions
Differences Chixtape 4
Dímelo -
Dirty Money I Told You
Dirty Money (Skit) I Told You
Distance Playboy
DJ Drama's Presentation Conflicts Of My Soul: The 416 Story
DJADJA International Fargo
Do It for Me Chixtape
Do You Understand? -
Don Queen (Don Q Diss) -
Don't Die Memories Don't Die
Don't I Know Ya Chixtape
Don't Look Down -
Don't Say Nothin' -
Don't Walk Away Playboy
Dope Man Go The New Toronto 2
DopeMan Go The New Toronto 2
Drama -
Dreaming -
Drifting -
Drip Drip Drip Love Me Now?
Dripping We Outside
Drive You Home Chixtape
Driver Conflicts Of My Soul: The 416 Story
Dry Your I's Lost Cause
DucK my Ex Love Me Now?
Elephants -
Elevator Music (Remix) -
EmpireMatic II -
Enchanted Waterfall Alone at Prom
Es Rollt -
Everything I Ever Wanted Mr. Peterson
Ex-Men -
Extravagant Bullshit / Nunchucks Playboy
Eyes on You * -
F.E.E.L.S. Playboy
F.L.Y. Swavey
f** Love -
f** That n***a -
f** With You -
f**in Wit Me -
f**ing Awesome Conflicts Of My Soul: The 416 Story
f**ing Awsome Conflicts Of My Soul: The 416 Story
Faded ( Freestyle ) Ignant sh**
Faithful -
FALL International Fargo
Fallback Cruel Intentions
Fargo Season The New Toronto 2
Feel Alive Just Landed
Feels -
Feet on the Ground Mr. Peterson
FeRRis WhEEL Love Me Now?
Fifty -
Fire* -
Flex I Told You
Flex (Skit) I Told You
FlEXiBle Love Me Now?
For Real Fargo Fridays
For You -
Forever -
Fourteen & 40s Conflicts Of My Soul: The 416 Story
Freaky -
Fresh Out -
Friday the 13th Sincerely Tory
Friends Conflicts Of My Soul: The 416 Story
Friends with Benefits I Told You
G.A.N.G. !@#$% Conflicts Of My Soul: The 416 Story
Girl Is Mine Chixtape 2
Girlfriend -
Give It To Ya* -
Gold Lost Cause
Gold (Remix) * -
Good Love -
Grah Tah Tah We Outside
Grandma's Crib Lost Cause
Guilty Of It -
Guns And Roses I Told You
Guns and Roses (Skit) I Told You
Gyalis (Remix) -
H.E.R. / Are You Dumb Playboy
Hair, nails, makeup -
Happiness x Tell Me Memories Don't Die
Happy Hour Swavey
Hate Me On The Low Conflicts Of My Soul: The 416 Story
Hate Me On The Low / The Suggestion Conflicts Of My Soul: The 416 Story
Hate To Say Memories Don't Die
Henny In Hand Lost Cause
Her -
High I Told You
High (Skit) I Told You
High Notes Sincerely Tory
Highschool Memories Sincerely Tory
Hillside Memories Don't Die
Hit & Run -
Hold It Down -
Hold Onto Me Alone at Prom
Hollywood Life Just Landed
Honda Civic Cruel Intentions
Honest** When It’s Dark
Hurt From Mercury Alone at Prom
Hurts Me** Alone at Prom
Hypnotized Memories Don't Die
I Bet -
I Go Swavey
I Got the Keys Fargo Fridays
I Got The Keys (Remix) -
I Like* -
I Need More -
I Sip -
I Told You -
I Told You / Another One (Skit 1) I Told You
I Told You / Another One (Skit 2) I Told You
I Told You/Another One I Told You
I-95 Lost Cause
I'm Gone Have It (Interlude) Sincerely Tory
I'm Good (Freestyle) Ignant sh**
I'm So Appalled Freestyle * -
I’m On My Way * -
Icey Dicey Conflicts Of My Soul: The 416 Story
IF iT Ain'T rIGHt Love Me Now?
Ignition Chixtape 4
In Da Morning -
In For It Cruel Intentions
Initiation Fargo Fridays
Intertwine** Stoner
Jalissa's Friends (Interlude) Chixtape 2
Jalissa's Friends Pt.2 (Skit) Chixtape 3
Jalissa's Intro Chixtape 2
Junior High Chixtape
Just a Friend Chixtape 4
Just Landed Just Landed
Juvenile Freestyle Chixtape 3
Karrueche Fargo Fridays
KeeP IN tOUcH Love Me Now?
Keisha Chixtape 3
Keisha's Intro (Skit) Chixtape 3
Kendall Jenner Music -
Kids From The West The New Toronto
Kika -
KJm Love Me Now?
Know What's Up Conflicts Of My Soul: The 416 Story
Know Whats Up / The Take Conflicts Of My Soul: The 416 Story
Konichiwa -
Kriptonite * -
LA Confidential -
Lady of Namek Alone at Prom
Lady of Neptune Playboy
Laid Back Fun Swavey
Last Kiss Of Nebulon Alone at Prom
Lavender Sunflower Alone at Prom
Leaning THE BAG
Let me know Chixtape
Letters To The City The New Toronto
Lick and Drive You Crazy -
Lick x Drive You Crazy The New Toronto 2
Like Dope -
Like Ooouuu -
Like Them -
Line Up The Flex Fargo Fridays
Litty -
Litty Again (Freestyle) -
Livin' Right -
Loner at Sunset** Alone at Prom
Loners Blvd. I Told You
Loners Blvd. (Skit) I Told You
Look No Further Fargo Fridays
Looks Chixtape 3
Lord Knows Spotify Sessions
Lord Knows Pt. 2 The New Toronto
Loud Chixtape
Loud Pack -
Lucky You (Freestyle) -
Luv I Told You
Luv (Bonez MC Remix) -
LUV (Haiti-Mix) -
Luv (Remix) -
Luv (Skit) I Told You
Magnolia Freestyle -
Makaveli The New Toronto
Mama Told Me Lost Cause
March 2nd THE BAG
Mariott Hotel -
MariWanna -
Marriott Hotel -
Maybe -
Me & My b**h -
Memories Don't Die (Freestyle) Memories Don't Die
Mexico -
MiAMi Love Me Now?
Midnight’s Interlude Alone at Prom
Mine still -
Miss You -
More Than Friends THE BAG
Mr. Lonely -
Mr. Peterson (Intro) Mr. Peterson
Ms. Backseat Love / The Gut Feeling Conflicts Of My Soul: The 416 Story
Mugz's Advi$e Conflicts Of My Soul: The 416 Story
Murcielago Mr. Peterson
Music To My Ears -
My City (Remix) ** -
My n***as -
MYLIFE 2.0 -
N.A.M.E. Chixtape 3
N.I.N.A. Cruel Intentions
n***a Skit Pt. 2 Chixtape 4
n***as In Paris (Freestyle) -
n***as Skit Pt. 2 Chixtape 4
n***as Talk (Skit) Chixtape 3
Need a Girl Chixtape 4
Neighbourhood Hero** When It’s Dark
New Edition -
New Toronto The New Toronto
New Year / $auce Baby The New Toronto 2
News -
No Sleep* -
No Strings Attached -
Nobody** When It’s Dark
Not Going Back** When It’s Dark
Number One -
Number out the Gym -
Numbers Out The Gym -
O.T.A* El Agua
Oh My -
Old Friends x New Foes Memories Don't Die
On & On -
On a f**ing Lean Sincerely Tory
On My Way Alone at Prom
On My Way -
On The Set -
On You -
Other Side The New Toronto
Out Of Center -
Outro (Mr. Peterson) Mr. Peterson
Outro (Swavey) Swavey
Pa Mi El Agua
Pandora Swave Swavey
Patek Philippe (Remix) -
Pay the Debt -
Pay the Debt Feat. Tory Lanez, King Whoady (Prod. KOMO BEATZ) -
Peace Of Mind -
Pieces Memories Don't Die
Pierre Balmain -
Pink Dolphin Sunset Alone at Prom
Pluto’s Last Comet Alone at Prom
Pretty Face We Outside
Priceless Spotify Sessions
Proud Family Chixtape 4
Pull Up -
Purple Swave (Freestyle) Ignant sh**
Put It Back -
Question Is I Told You
Question Is (Skit) I Told You
R.I.D.E Chixtape 2
R.I.D.E. (Chixtape 2) Chixtape 2
Rack City (Freestyle) Ignant sh**
Racks to the Ceiling -
Radar -
Rain Chixtape 2
Rapture -
Real Addresses Fargo Fridays
Real Thing TL2
Really Large Amount -
Remembrance Day Sincerely Tory
Return Of The G Conflicts Of My Soul: The 416 Story
Ric Flair Fargo Fridays
Ride (Ginuwine Cover) Spotify Sessions
Ridin Round (Remix) -
Ridin' Round - Single -
Ridin' Round (Oshi Redo) -
Rihanna -
Rolled Up* -
Rollin' -
Roses -
Round Here The New Toronto
S.W.A.V.E. Radio (Interlude) Chixtape 2
S.W.A.V.E. Radio Pt II (Interlude) Chixtape 2
S.W.A.V.E. Radio Pt III (Interlude) Chixtape 2
S*M*N Chixtape 3
Same sh** -
Save It Chixtape 3
Say Ahh Freestyle -
Say Hello Mr. Peterson
Say It Spotify Sessions
Say It (Andrew POP Remix) -
Say It (Remix) -
Say It (Skit) I Told You
Say It (Tory Lanez Cover) -
Say itt -
Say That sh** Fargo Fridays
Selfish (York University) Lost Cause
Senorita* El Agua
Set It Off & Better The New Toronto 2
Set It Off and Better -
Set It Off x Better The New Toronto 2
Sex So Good -
Sextasy Sincerely Tory
Sexy Amore* El Agua
sh** Freestyle (Swave Session 2) -
Shabba Ranks (Freestyle) -
Shawty Girl -
She Don't Love U -
She Like It Ruff -
SHE tOLd Me Love Me Now?
She Used to be Mine Mr. Peterson
Shining (Remix) -
Shooby Doowoop / One Last Playboy
Shooters TL2
Shot 4 Later Mr. Peterson
Shot Caller (Freestyle) Ignant sh**
Shotgun Swavey
Shut Up Sincerely Tory
Sincerely Tory Sincerely Tory
Situation Mr. Peterson
Skrt Skrt TL2
Sleep On U (Feat. Tory Lanez) -
Sleep On You -
Slept On You Swavey
Slide -
Slow Down Chixtape 4
Slow Grind Chixtape 4
SOCO International Fargo
Soul -
Spaceship Mr. Peterson
Special 4 U -
Spend It -
Spend It (Freestyle) Ignant sh**
Stay Schemin (Freestyle) Ignant sh**
Stay Schemin (Interlude) Ignant sh**
Steady -
Step Yo Game Up -
Still Be Friends -
Still Cute Swavey
Stolen Hearts Sincerely Tory
Stripclub Las Vegas Sincerely Tory
Stripclub Las Vegas (Bonus) Sincerely Tory
Stuck on U -
Stuck On You -
Stupido Sincerely Tory
Styll Swavey
Summer Love Just Landed
Summin' Chixtape 2
Summin' Part II Chixtape 2
Super Freak The New Toronto 2
Super Freaky Fargo Fridays
Swavey Swavey
Sway Freestyle -
Sway Freestyle (pt. 2) -
Swing My Way / S.W.I.N.G Love Me Now?
T Dot Girls -
T.L.C. Chixtape 2
Taken x G Party Conflicts Of My Soul: The 416 Story
Talk On Road Fargo Fridays
Talk to Me Love Me Now?
TAlk tO Me (Remix) Love Me Now?
Talk to Me Nice / Fargo Season The New Toronto 2
Tek Weh Yuh Heart* -
Tell Me -
Teyana -
Tha Six -
Thank You Mama Mr. Peterson
The Color Violet Alone at Prom
The Doowop Kid (Interlude) Sincerely Tory
The Godfather Lost Cause
The Making Swavey
The Mission Lost Cause
The Morning After Sincerely Tory
The Motto -
The Motto (Freestyle) Ignant sh**
ThE RUn oFF Love Me Now?
The Serve (It) Anthem Playboy
Them Days The New Toronto
Throw Myself A Party -
Tic Toc -
Till It's All Gone -
Tim Duncan Fargo Fridays
TIME Fargo Fridays
To D.R.E.A.M I Told You
To D.R.E.A.M. (Skit) I Told You
TOAST International Fargo
Tonight Chixtape
Tory Lanez Rack City -
Tory LanezWeekend -
TOUCHDOWN International Fargo
Traphouse The New Toronto
True Colors -
Trust Nobody -
Tú Me Escogiste (You Chose Me)** El Agua
Tuh tuh -
U.N.I.T.Y. Chixtape 2
Uber Everywhere Fargo Fridays
Undo -
Unforgetful Fargo Fridays
Unknown* Love Me Now?
Up (Fell in Love) Conflicts Of My Soul: The 416 Story
Vibrations ** -
Victoria -
Walked Out Chixtape 3
Warchild Sincerely Tory
We Can -
We Just Ride -
We Made It -
We On Our Way -
We Outside We Outside
Weed, p**y & Money Chixtape 4
Weekend -
Westwood Crib Session Freestyle -
What's Luv Chixtape 4
When Its Dark (E-NFT) 10-8-21 When It’s Dark
When You're Comfortable Chixtape
Where Im From -
Where My Problems Go Swavey
Why DON'T You LOVE me? Love Me Now?
Wild Thoughts The New Toronto 2
Wild Thoughts (Remix) -
Wind It Swavey
Wind It (Remix) Swavey
Wings Sincerely Tory
Winnerlude Swavey
Wipe Me Down -
Wishing (Remix) -
With It (We Did It) Lost Cause
Woke Up -
Wooden Beads Swavey
Woods The New Toronto
Work Sumn** -
Wraith Talk The New Toronto 2
Wrist Watch -
X2** When It’s Dark
Y.D.L.R. Playboy
You Got It Worse... Chixtape 3
You Shouldn't Have Sincerely Tory
YoU ThouGHt WrONg Love Me Now?
You're Mines Still -
Your Love -
Your Number (Boss Remix) -