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Tory Lanez - Winnerlude lyrics

Ayo, what's happenin'?
I just took this time to stop the mixtape just to win
I mean I walk down the block and I win
I keep tyin' my shoe, every day like win
Can't stop winnin', win
Disgustin', I can't stop winnin', win
This a disease, I should not win
So many times
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I mean I should not be winnin' this many times, win
Jae Fresco is down the block and win
Again! I can't stop it again, it's just win
Keeps winnin', win
Just can't stop winnin'
Hey Sonny Diamonds, he was just engineerin' my track and win
All over again, bro, it's f**in' crazy, win
I mean if you're lookin' for us, we'll be out in Dubai just winnin', win
Now remember folks, when you go with the swave, you win

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