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Tory Lanez - n***as Skit Pt. 2 lyrics

*Phone ringing*
“Yo whatup” (blows smoke)
Whatup n***a
“Sup Rock”
f**s you doing?
“Just at the crib n***a, you know”(blows smoke)
Way, way, way…
“Sup with it?”
You know what I mean, just at the crib and sh**
I was tryna figure out what happened between you and that girl the other day
“C’mon man you know the kid don’t f**ing tell”
*Tory laughs*
Hold on, hold on, lemme get this straight
So you went from Jalissa
[Lyrics from: https:/***as-skit-pt-2.html]
“uh huh”
To Keisha
To Keisha’s sister
“I did”
You a f**ing savage, thats your problem my n***a thats your f**ing problem
You always tryna connect the muf**ing dots, date somebody outside the f**ing circle
“This n***a bro, man you just watch yours ima watch mine, you feel me?”
You such a muf**ing fool man
“You feel?”
You really are
“Why’s that”
Ima let you do what you do, ima watch how you f** this up
*Tory Laughs*
“Man whatever my n***a”

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