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Tory Lanez - Flex (Skit) lyrics

Nyce: Yo my n***a, i ain't never been to a party like that in my life bro!
Kellz: sh** was lit still
Nyce: Yo the way we pulled up in that b**h sh** was crazy my n***a
Tory: Pa** the weed
Kellz: We had the parking lot on tilt!
Nyce: Anyways a-yo i know y'all n***as gonna ask me for a ride bro, so I'ma tell y'all n***as straight up 5 dollars gas, all y'all n***as
Kellz: WHAT!
Tory: Nah, nah, nah, not today I'm not doing that today real talk, i don't even got it on me
Kellz: He did that sh** to me last week!
Nyce: Ay-yo Tory
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Tory: What n***a
Nyce: You gonna have to ride me that ten though
Tory: For What!
Nyce: My n***a, your girl, she just lives way to f**ing far man
Kellz: That's a mission still Tory, she lives far as f**
Tory: Nah nah nah nah come on, my n***a don't do that hating sh** to me, come on
Nyce: A-yo my n***a if you just lived on the block like everyone else, this wouldn't be a f**ing problem
Tory: Yo my n***a I'm not gonna live at my girls house forever bro, but for now my n***a, I'm doing this music sh** n***a
Kellz: Music? man I'm talking this money!
Tory: Man whatever my n***a, back to what I was saying, I'm finna have this music sh** pop n***a so tonight, f** my girl, I'm getting active with the homies n***a, we finna put my music in and that's what the f** we finna listen to

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