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Tory Lanez - Looks lyrics

She keep givin' me looks
I can't stop them eyes from givin' me looks
Don't let me lie to you girl, I looked
All you gotta do is, make that look

Soon as you close the door, turn the lights off
You know what it's hittin' for, girl I might just
Give you what that nigga don't
So just close the door, clothes come off

[Verse 1:]
Bein' honest, just bein' honest
I like the way you're bein' honest, let's keep it honest
You got them lips like Keke Palmer
Like Keke Palming
That physical, that education I go P.E. on it
I'm so on it, yeah
No procrastination hit the hard top, hard top
Then you know I'm dealing with them mattaz, mattaz
Let you know you dealing with a shotta, shotta
That's the type of shit that shouldn't shock ya

Soon as you close the door, turn the lights off
You know what it's hittin' for, girl I might just
Give you what that nigga don't
So just close the door, clothes come off

[Verse 2:]
You got a nigga but I know he need to step up in it
I got a girl, but you know I need it better shorty
Oh-oh now, now baby oh yeah yeah yeah yeah
Here with the plan, I got money to spend
And uh, you got somebody baby we got a good thing, yeah yeah
Let the frame down
When I beat that pussy up, you wanna lay down
Now I wanna roll, I'm smoking Backwoods in the cut
She know what it's here for, and it was up

That's when them shirts come off, shirts come off
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I don't wanna see you smoke, see you smoke
Got your back against the wall, close the door
We don't wanna say it's wrong, but it's wrong

[Verse 3:]
Maybe I've been missin'
Maybe I've been dippin', maybe I've been dippin'
Maybe the excuse that I had gotten way too busy for you hoes is gettin' true
And I ain't got the time to kick it with you
Listen, she was with me last Thanksgiving
Uh, should've been with my sister on Christmas
Uh, but instead I was kickin' it out with Paris she flew down Lira Galore
And oh boy what an interest
Kells, you remember that winter
Wait, we made too much money in November
Uh, shit got way too sunny, it's kinda funny
It wasn't long before we started feelin' all of this [?] for December
Damn my nigga, we on the tourbus
Steppin' out the House of Blues, where was your bus?
Where are Zoe and Josh now that I got way too famous and successful for you to afford us?
Wow my life has just gotten gorgeous
5-star meals on islands, the sand's scorchin'
Started fuckin' this girl, and she lands scores and movies
So you might see me poppin' like Lance Gordon
Shout the bitches down to take a chance for me
Take me to the club and spend some bands on me
Take me to the club and buy a dance on me
Shit, it's crazy
Show these niggas I can paint the picture
Y'all don't deserve to get this paper with me
You wasn't hoppin' out the cable with me
Broke down Civic, parkin' the camp, David with me
Back when I would have to pick a playback
Then drop that nigga off on the way back
Then called Johan because me and Gudda had been arguing all day long about who gettin' that A-flat
We used to go hard about them little sessions
I learned to appreciate all the little blessings
Secluded environments and the little sections
I don't understand how to feel blessings
Look at this lifestyle, look at how we livin' nigga right now
Look at all these bitches that wouldn't even type a message to us
Now we sayin' they ain't our type now
Story goes, that's how the table turned

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