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Tory Lanez - All Away lyrics

[Hook: Tory Lanez]
My niggas gonna forever ride
I pray to God we never die
I'm tryina blow it all today
Cause may never know who 'bout to fall today

I'mma throw it all away, throw it all away
You may never know who 'bout to fall today
I'mma throw it all away, throw it all away
You may never know who 'bout to fall
I'mma throw it all away, throw it all away

[Verse 1: Elhae]
Really nigga won't find it
Doing just what I'm liking
Them hoes getting excited now
Yeah, baby girl don't fight it
Just go and get your friends
Cause all 'em hoes invited now
Yeah, we 'bout to have a party up in here
Tell me how you feel, tell, tell me how you feel (turn up)
My niggas ride, I pray to God we never die
Cause it ain't a game, ain't no such thing as extra lives
I guess this how it feels when life's just getting good
Take a couple of shots and show me how the getting's good
Cause girl, you looking like a superstar
Swear you do your thing tonight I'll see what I can do tomorrow


[Verse 2: Rick Ross]
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Bag full of money, heart full of hate
Club full of bitches, I'mma ball 'til I can't
8 for the rims, another 6 for the paint
Smoking on that gas, I had to bullet proof the tank
Bitch is a dime a dozen, I get dimes by the bundle
Barry White bumping backseat while we fucking
'Em niggas was making love, we had to make her wait up
Tape full of yay, we just had to make it pay
Still twisting my swish up, Michael Jackson jacket
Pranks of the city with my purple pants sagging
She gotta take it for the team (Maybach Music)
Don't this all feel like a dream?


[Verse 3: Elhae]
Still with these niggas that I started with
Did this on my own, I ain't never need no sponsorship
I've been tryna get it since a younging, now I got it
Popping bottles in the building, I got money in my pocket
Back of a big black suburban
I'm chilling sipping some bourbon
I got your girl and she working
You suckers wanna diss, then you should diss me now
But you'll never get an answer like an empty house
I'm so alive that's why I'm blowing racks
Pretty fine dime in front of me and she gonna throw her back
Living well, got plenty help with this Fendi belt
And she don't do it for me, she do it for herself (Ha, turn up)


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