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Tory Lanez - Accordion lyrics

Walk in, lay down, you stay right here
It's my night to do you right
I want us to stay here forever
Give you sudio loving tonight

Tonight (oh x3)

If we don't stop this music we'll be dancing babe
And through them tights you wear I see your lingerie
So shawty press the playback
Now come here and lay back
I'm about to blow you away

Come lay here for me
Lay you out like an accordion
Let me press your keys
You can feel me touch em

Up and down (uh)
Up down (down)
Up and down ( uh)
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Up and down (uh)

Played it right
Stay the night, say you like me too
Likes to rub
Likes to touch
Like it rough, me too

I'm gon tell you, why we should be
You know I got just what you need


Baby girl I can play you louder (lo-louder)
Hit them keys, that's gon make you wilder (wi-wilder)

Go ahead and wild out
I'll hit it till it fall out
Show me what you all about
And we gon do it all out


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