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Tory Lanez - Dirty Money (Skit) lyrics

Big Homie: Alright they one block over straight to the left, the house to the left, we get over here we gonna lay sh** down, oh yea and you two n***as in the back. Y'all better be shooting
Fargo: Yo shut the f** up
Big Homie: Fargo you ready? Alright lets get it then
Fargo: Come on man i do this sh** man
Big Homie: Stop right here n***a
Fargo: Ay n***a what's happening
Nyce: What's happening
Fargo: Holy f** sh**, Ay y'all n***as good?
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Nyce: Ya n***a
Big Homie: I'm good, I'm good oh f**
Fargo: I ain't gon' lie n***a, we got them n***as, but y'all n***as gotta feel some type of way about this sh**
Big Homie: This n***a
Nyce: We do this sh** everyday
Fargo: You tripping n***a
Nyce: My n***a you tripping n***a f** that
Fargo: Thats the problem right there dawg, n***a its-its like i love the set just like you do, but at some point in life n***a, i gotta leave this sh** alone
Tory: I know i was in to deep, things was just getting out of control. My lifestyle it was creating a conflict between my girl and my music. At that point i had to let some things go and learn to love from a distance

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