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Tory Lanez - I Told You/Another One lyrics

American raised, Canadian born
My name is Daystar Peterston
One day I'mma be the biggest artist in the whole world
As for right now though, the year is 2008
I'm 16 years old, this is where my story begins [Tory's grandmother]
Daystar, Daystar
I know you hear me calling you
Daystar, open this door
You know what, I'm done, I'm done
I'm so sick of your disrespect, I don't know what the f** to do
I'm tired, you don't cook, you don't clean
You don't do sh**
All I ever asked you to do was go get a job
You won't even get a job
But you wanna find yourself in the street hustling
Thinking that sh** gonna pay off, it ain't gon pay off
It's not gon last, you gon find yourself dead
Real-, oh okay, so you mean to tell me
That street life gon pay off for you?
Boy please, I'm just waiting to get the phone call for them to tell me to come down and identify your body. It ain't gon last. And this music stuff. n***a go get a job. That's what you need. You need a job, I'm done. I'm sorry you lost your mom, but I can't take this sh** no more. I want you to get your sh** and get the f** out. I'm done with your a**. Get your sh** and get the f** out. I'm done, get the f** out Part I: I Told You
[Verse 1]
It's the year 2008, I'm getting kicked up out the crib
Steady contemplating where the f** I'm 'bout to live
Mama died same year my sister had the kid
It was either feed the fam or get k**ed
So a n***a said f** it
5 of us puttin' up for one room, landlord straight buggin'
Roaches on the ceiling, living room straight thuggin'
Should've been left but the trap stayed bunkin'
n***a yeah yeah, big time, big time
Ring so swole you would think it did time
Swear I told you n***as for the 5th time
I'ma get mine, yeah
I got a ring so big, call the sh** big time
She don't wanna f** me, man that b**h lyin'
I've been on the get a billion dollar, rich grind
In the studio, I'm skating like a inline
Sorry I went Kristi Yamaguchi with the dope
Teachers called me stupid, now I'm stupid with the flow
Stupid with the whip game, stupid bankroll
Stupid a** n***a, getting stupid paid shows
I've been on the road
Now a n***a know my way around, yeah yeah
Big time, cuban chain weigh me down, yeah yeah
Flying private, I can turn the plane around, yeah yeah
These n***as pissy that we stayed around, yeah yeah
Part II: Another One [Hook]
Hop in another one n***a
Get back in another one n***a
Get back in another one n***a, woah
Hop in another one n***a
We back with another one n***a
Came back in another one n***a, woah
I told, I told you all
I know how I'ma get mine
I told, I told you all
I know, I know
Hop in another one n***a
Yeah hop out another one n***a
Get back in another one n***a, woah
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Hop in another one n***a
We back with another one n***a
Get back in another one n***a, woah [Verse 2]
My wrist is froze like Kristi Yamaguchi
Skating on them, Kristi Yamaguchi
We wash a n***a talkin' at us loosely
Skating on them, Kristi Yamaguchi
You love the sound, uh, don't f** around, uh
458, I dropped it in the Winter
Big homie asked a n***a what I'm down for
Looked him in the eye and said to do it 'til I'm bigger than ya
I'm whopping zans off, kicked out the house in Brampton
Had a n***a trappin' out in Danforth
Takeing TTC to get the figures, just me my lil n***a
Ain't have no hittas with us
Was with the thugs, dealers, plugs, k**ers and slugs
All my n***as was plugs, all my b**hes was dubs
Left me out when I was tryna make it did what it does
Can't forget about the drought when they put 6 in my plug
Only thing I gotta do is get my mom out the mud
Only thing I gotta do is get it poppin' and blow it
Only thing I gotta do is hit my wrist with the soda
n***as thought it was over, but b**h I live by the slogan
I told you [Hook] [Verse 3]
It's a 70/30 chance I won't f** with you n***as
It's a 70/30 chance I might f** up them digits
In the bottom where them n***as they ain't f** with you n***a
Now you're up and they feel like they should be up with you n***a
I remember nights when I was starving and hungry and ballin' and bummy
And busted cause my car wasn't running and woah
Doggy all I want is a onion
The game it was callin' me audibly like someone come fronted, but no
n***as never gave a n***a nothing
f** I look like giving n***as something?
Made 100K this week, that's on my dead mama
Spend a 117 and I ain't even know it
Dawg I swear my coldest nights it wasn't even snowing
Mama told me since a youngin' I would be a soldier
I played the watch out on the block you used to see me scopin'
Respect the shooters that said "Youngin' go we about to blow this" [Hook] [Beat Changes] [Verse 3]
It's the year 2009 and I done found myself a crib
I ain't got no dough, but I done found myself a b**h
Dollars and success is what my n***as tryna get
Young as f** but fake ID gon' get me in the VIP
I done said f** school, f** the teachers and the public
I rather count this money with the thuggers and the junkies
The teachers used to tell me "Boy you ain't gon' amount to nothing"
The only love I felt was from the dealers and the hustlers
We gon' do the most, so tell them n***as GABOS
Seen my n***a RV, and went and copped him a Ghost
Through the windshield, the centerfold on the door
Ten below on you hoes, getting dough on you folks
Getting dough on these fours, getting money and shows
These checks are looking silly, I'm getting funny on hoes
Funny how I'm stuntin' in somethin' flooded tin stones
Put them honeys on hold, put them runners on go
Secure the bag [Outro]
I was f**ed up, I had nowhere to go
I had moved in with my girl, you know she kept it realer than a lot of my n***as
She wasn't much but she was mine
The guns and the roses

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