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Tory Lanez - 10 Shots lyrics

[Verse 1: Tory Lanez]
She want 10 shots of Tequila
I don't know if we gon' make it
But I know we gon' get faded
Oh yeah so just don't stop when I need ya
Oh yeah just don't stop when I need ya

[Hook: Tory Lanez]
Cuz if you take one shot, I'm takin' two more
But if I take two shots, then you take a few more
Drink it all down, drink it all down
You gotta...
Don't stop, get it. Don't stop, bitch get it
Don't stop, get it. Don't stop, bitch get it
Don't stop, get it. Don't stop, drink it all down
When you drink it all down

[Verse 2: Jordan Hollywood]
I'm just in the cut, bout to go in
Shorty want a pitcher like the bullpen
10 shots like a full clip, I ain't wit the bullshit
I don't even know her like Joe Kim
My homie got the Tecs like Best buy
Ride her once, take her back like a test drive
I'm at the crib gettin' high til the next day
God damn, what you really call a red eye
I know, V12 when I pull out
I use to be broke but I'm good now
My pops told me to play my cards right
A lot of bitches at the crib that's a full house
I know some hoes ain't bout shit
But my girl go both ways, that's a round trip
Straight to the room, no playin' today
Your pussy like a bed, I wanna lay in it
Can we just fight second and then fuck first
We take painkillers because love hurts
And that truth hurts, yeah time heals
But I ain't got time to make shit work, no way
And I ain't worried bout no other bitches
But it be different when the liquor kicks in

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[Verse 3: Lil Durk]
One shot of Ciroc, yeah one shot, don't stop
Everything be grade A but I prefer all top
Let's get it, let's get it
I be throwing racks, ain't worried bout tax
Spent 20 on sacks, don't worry bout that
I'll make it all back, hop in this shit 50
Hop out that 'Lac, all your hoes whack
And they wavin' at me, like I drive cabs
Now throw that ass back, and that pussy be poppin'
That's a massage, these bitches ain't nothin'
My niggas bang bros, all of these hoes
We teamin' nem, no wrestlin'
Where your man at, you ain't took, where your hand at
Cuz you stuck up where your friends at, where them bands at
Got the leather from the seats in my Benz wet, cuz she like it
She drunk in love, bitch you cuttin' up
I met you in the VIP, I just wanna fuck


[Verse 4: Yo Gotti]
Order 20 bottles of Ciroc, 10 bottles of that Ace
Got the club lookin' like the 4th of July, that's a CMG Parade
Shorty shake that ass like Twerk Team
Miley Cyrus my whip clean
I got two girls and they like girls
And they lick each other like ice cream
These True's shorty, no tight jeans
I'm cool shorty but I might seem a little arrogant
I don't fuck with you, on celibate
Street nigga but I act intelligent
You can find me in the club where the light be
No these niggas don't like me
But they poppin' bottles tryna be like me
Ass so fat shorty throw it back like thirsty
Walkin' thru my house, no panties with a jersey
And I ain't worried bout no other bitches
But it be different once the liquor kicks in

[Outro: Tory Lanez]
She wants 10 shots of Tequila

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