All Giggs Songs

Songs In album
(Is It Gangsta?) Yes Yes Yes When Will It Stop
100 Style STR8 MURKIN
1234 -
2 On Style STR8 MURKIN
28 Grams Hollowman & Dubz Presents Ard Bodied
3 Wheel-Ups -
50 Cali Wamp 2 Dem
501 (Hollow & Heston) Landlord
Active -
Ain't Playin' Freestyle -
Alien (Remix) STR8 MURKIN
Always On The Rebound Ard Bodied
Amazing Minds -
Back 2 Basics -
Bad Man -
Bad To Tha Bone -
Be Careful Hollowman & Dubz Presents Ard Bodied
Beatbreakin' -
Best p**y When Will It Stop
Birthday Take Your Hats Off
Birthday 3Style Take Your Hats Off
Black -
Blockbusters -
Bloodclart -
Boom Exclusive Hollowman Meetz Blade
Breathe When Will It Stop
Bright Lights -
Bring a Message Back * Walk In Da Park
Bring The Mac Take Your Hats Off
Bus Commercial Let Em Ave It
Call Of Duty * -
Capital Xtra Freestyle -
Click Clack Walk In Da Park
Clipped Him Landlord
Come Again -
Come Oucha STR8 MURKIN
Coming For Me When Will It Stop
Coming Through -
Cool Nuh -
Cut Up Bag Walk In Da Park
Daily Duppy Freestyle* -
Dem Man -
Dey Know Ard Bodied
Differences Differences / Innocent
Dirty Bastard (Daily Duppy S:04 E:14) -
Do Dis Ting -
Do or Die -
Don't Go There Let Em Ave It
Drumline -
Dun Clips Ard Bodied
Early -
Early This Morning -
Exercise sh** * Take Your Hats Off
Explaination Hollowman Meetz Blade
F Da Industry Hollow Grind
f**in' Up -
Fire in the Booth (Part 2) -
Flacko Freestyle -
Freestyle (Feds Taking Pictures) Hollowman Meetz Blade
Game Over -
Games -
Gangstas & Dancers Wamp 2 Dem
Gargoyles When Will It Stop
Gas Mark 9 -
Get Doe Hollowman Meetz Blade
Get Your Money Up Let Em Ave It
Giggs Ard Bodied
Glover Style STR8 MURKIN
Godzillas -
Gossip -
Greaziest Freestyle Hollowman & Dubz Presents Ard Bodied
Gully n***az Wamp 2 Dem
Hard Take Your Hats Off
Hard In Da Paint -
Have It Out Let Em Ave It
Hermes* -
Higher -
Hollowman 2 Ard Bodied
Horror Movie Wamp 2 Dem
Hot Water -
How We Started -
Hustle On Let Em Ave It
Hypnotic -
I Should Have Known Hollow Grind
I'm On One -
I'm With It -
I’m With It -
Ice Cream Hollowman Meetz Blade
Ice Cream Man -
Inner London -
Innocent Differences / Innocent
Intro (B.B.T.) Walk In Da Park
Intro (Landlord) Landlord
Intro (Walk In Da Park) Walk In Da Park
Intro (When Will It Stop) When Will It Stop
Ironic -
Is It Gangsta * Take Your Hats Off
Just Swervin' Landlord
Keep 'Em Comin' -
Know Better Style STR8 MURKIN
Landlord Landlord
Leak-a-Mixtape -
Lemme Get Dat -
Let 'Im Ave It * Walk In Da Park
Let Em Ave It Let Em Ave It
Let's Lurk -
Lights Out (Remix) -
Lights Style STR8 MURKIN
Linguo Wamp 2 Dem
List Hello Hollowman & Dubz Presents Ard Bodied
Little Man And Me Let Em Ave It
Lock Doh Landlord
Lock Doh (Remix) -
London Town -
Long Time Coming* -
Look at Me -
Look Out -
Look What The Cat Dragged In Let Em Ave It
Love To Make G's Hollow Grind
Lyrical Combat Landlord
Mack Daddy -
Madness Ard Bodied
Make It Look Good * Walk In Da Park
Man Don't Care -
Maniacs Hollowman & Dubz Presents Ard Bodied
Moist p**y* Wamp 2 Dem
Monsta Man Take Your Hats Off
Montana Style STR8 MURKIN
More Maniacs * Walk In Da Park
More Ratatatin -
Move -
Mr Kool When Will It Stop
Never Be Your Woman (Craze & Hoax Remix) -
No Face No Case -
No Long Talk -
Northside Southside -
Nutcrackerz -
Of Course Landlord
Open Up Walk In Da Park
Our Time -
Out There Take Your Hats Off
Outro When Will It Stop
Outsiders Wamp 2 Dem
p**y n***as STR8 MURKIN
Pain Is The Essence Hollowman & Dubz Presents Ard Bodied
Pecknarm Freestyle Hollowman Meetz Blade
Peligro Wamp 2 Dem
Pitching All the Time * Walk In Da Park
Play It Loud When Will It Stop
Pokerface * -
Popstar -
Rap Gustavo -
Rat-a-tat-tat Walk In Da Park
Real Ting (Remix) -
Reminiscing Let Em Ave It
Round Here -
Ruler* Wamp 2 Dem
Savage Landlord
Saw Walk In Da Park
Sexy -
Shit Still -
Shot Music -
Showout * Take Your Hats Off
Signs Let Em Ave It
Sink A Boat Hollowman Meetz Blade
Skeppy Excursion (Whipping Excursion Parody) -
Slippin' Landlord
Slow Songs Let Em Ave It
Smacked With The Butt Of The Gun -
Soldier Riddim Hollowman & Dubz Presents Ard Bodied
Sorry To The Fiends Hollowman Meetz Blade
Start Again -
Start It Up (UK Remix) Take Your Hats Off
Start It Up * Take Your Hats Off
Step Out * Take Your Hats Off
Straight Lifestyle Wamp 2 Dem
Superheroes Wamp 2 Dem
Swagga * Walk In Da Park
Swagger Walk In Da Park
Swan Song -
Swingin In Da Whip -
Take Your Hats Off Take Your Hats Off
Talkin' da Hardest Hollowman & Dubz Presents Ard Bodied
Talking The Hardest -
Tempa Tempa Walk In Da Park
Test out Da Nine * Walk In Da Park
The Best Landlord
The Blow Back Landlord
The Essence Wamp 2 Dem
The Last Straw -
The Love's Still There Let Em Ave It
The New sh** Landlord
The Process Landlord
The Way It Is Let Em Ave It
Tick Tock When Will It Stop
Time’s Tickin’ Wamp 2 Dem
Ting Dem Hollowman & Dubz Presents Ard Bodied
Track 10 Best of Giggs 4
Track 11 Best of Giggs 4
Track 4 Best of Giggs 4
Trigger Bang -
Ultimate Gangsta Wamp 2 Dem
Up In The Shoobz Hollow Grind
Up We Goin * -
Uummm!! Walk In Da Park
Veteran Freestyle * Take Your Hats Off
Waiting On Me -
Walk in Da Park * Walk In Da Park
Well Connected -
What n***as Want When Will It Stop
What's My Name? (Remix) -
Whippin' Excursion Landlord
Whistle Style STR8 MURKIN
Who Are You to Judge * Walk In Da Park
Who R U To Judge Walk In Da Park
Who Said Dat? -
Who's Dat? -
Why You Hating WoolyHood
Winners -
Wolf * Take Your Hats Off
Wonder What (Remix) -
Work It Like A Pro -
You Raised Me Walk In Da Park
Zip It Up -