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Giggs - Hard lyrics

i think that this the life that mummy wanted for me,
let me know i could be anything i wanted to be,
and honestly i feel like this is promised to me,
never thought rap will be filling up my wallet for me,
yeah they finaly acknowledging me,
didnt go collage but i got abit of knowledge in me,
theres never been a fiend or alcoholic in me,
but i could be somewhere that i never really wanted to be.
so im smoking on that quality weed,
in the studio, raping on this quality beat,
im gonna go down in history, historicaly,
they cant put me in a box i aint a quality street,
i swallow the beat
come follow me, the best styles gotta be me,
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cop suttin nice, then i want a reciept,
nig***s dont give but wanna recieve,
a moment of peace ...
quick silence for my homies deceised,
all my nig***s locked down and i want them released,
i jot down what i want them to see,
im hot now they didnt wanna belive,
getting wop now on the top of my drink,
shut down they aint stopping my team,
im number one in the scene,
i was the runner up now u nig***s running with me,
and its kinda funny to see,
that everyones acting funny with me,
everyone thinks they went in trouble with me,
its when u motherfuckers will see ...

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