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Giggs - Monsta Man lyrics

Tell me what she wants from me, Tell, Tell me what she wants from me,
what she wants from me, Tell, Tell, Tell me what she wants from me, Wha,
What she wants from me, Tell me what she wants from me I heard that she want me,
Well tell me what she wants from me,
They're telling me she's on to me,
She wants a little john from me (Chase)
She aint gonna make it long for me,
Squeeze it, Gonna make it honk for me,
Shes gonna get it constantly,
These chicks gonna meet the monsta me,
Shes gonna get the monsta,
Chocolate, yeah, shes gonna get the wonka
Tell me that you really wanta,
That you really wanta,
Smash, Shes gonna get the conker
Splash, Shes gonna get the lobster,
Shes gonna get the mobster
I think I brought her on rocksta? Mon-Monster
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Gon-Gonna get the monster
Gon-Gonna get the monster Showtime, Shes telling me shes onto man,
Shes heard about the monster bang,
Shes calling me the monster man,
I can see thats what she wants from man,
She wants a man,
Who wants a fam,
Who wants to holla at the monster man,
Well thats not the plan,
She aint gonna get any response from man,
Thats long for man,
She wanna get me nicked cuz,
Just because I wan my dick does,
Everywhere I go Im getting chicks love,
Even when im chilling in the strip club,
Thats the way im living im a sick f**,
Legit bus,

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