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Giggs - Take Your Hats Off lyrics

Dun know what it is, wacka whats good lets show these little faggots whats happening out ere
Young, black and wild, hope Kyze smash his trial
Smoking on a swisher sweet, fuck black and mild
I feel fresh and I'm black with style, I can murk this whole rap game backwards style
Guess whose back in town, fuck a vest pull the full metal jacket down
When I get the AK and I wrap it round all you're gonna hear is [AHHHHH] and a splashing sound
They say I'm gassed but I'm actually mellow
Bitch I never left what do you mean I'm back in the ghetto
In the whip with buck listening to black and the yellow
Better listen up bitch, I'm young black and I'm ghetto
Fuck an instrumental, I could rap to a cello
Rep the UK yeah the next Elvis Castello
Yeah they talk greasy but they're actually yellow
What him jump when they hear the pump slapping and echo
Fuck your tracks and your demo, I'm just back to say hello
Wanna talk to me? Nigga better fax me a memo
About a quarter weed crushed up wrapped in a rello
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Got me flying high like my track rapping with Melo
Them niggas always acting upset they think they're gangsta cause they rap on the net
Me and all my niggas, we're a passionate set
Niggas used to be a bitch, get back in your dress
I'm back in effect, get back in your bed
Got the SN1 links on the back of my neck
When you talking hollowman better have some respect
First nigga to turn that G rap into cheques
Fun time slapping a breast
When I'm stepping out, woman start slapping their heads
Posh restaurants, steak, salad and bread
Everyday I thank God for this talent, I'm blessed
These niggas ain't respecting the best
So I came back and had to slap them with blitz
Something like a slap in the head
If niggas thought I was gone well I'm back from the dead
Now take your hats off your head (bow down)
Now take your hats off your head
Show me some respect

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