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Giggs - Birthday 3Style lyrics

Come closer
I don't really like the distance
Girl i beg you take 'em clothes off right this instant
When i get inside babe i can be quite convincing
Ama beat it up right until my hoods tired and shrinking
This is my boat baby I'm the captain
Ama take it there to get your vagina splashing
Come and get me baby where's that fire passion
Trying to play it down but your slightly gassing
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Your eyes and all your diamonds matching
Looking good coz I'm getting that designer cash-in

I got that paper work yeah my files are faxing
So to drop a couple bags their was a myna fraction
Get your birth place wet when its time for action
I'm that birthday sex night time assassin
Your a slight distraction
The whole night am getting that
Hold tight reaction

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