Giggs - Play It Loud lyrics

[Verse 1: Giggs]
Yeah, yeah, listen
Just came home from the dirtiest prison
I was blinded before, now I'm stuck with a vision
Made the toughest decision
Had to get my head down and buck up my religion
This is deep as it gets
Laying down on my deepest regrets
Locked up, I was sleeping upset
For little extra time out, had me sweeping the steps
Say it loud, say it proud
I'm a break it down every time I lay it down
And that's just the way it sounds
Ayo Ed, can we play it loud?

[Hook: Ed Sheeran]
We're running to the rhythm we want to, we want to
Say it out loud, loud
'Til we break away from everything
Speakers to the streets of this town
Scream it when you play it out loud, loud
Just break away from all that holds you down

[Verse 2: Giggs]
Live up to the music, don't ever f**ing confuse it
I do this for the breddas locked up stuck in the unit
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The breddas starving in his cell, he's up and he's fuming
Still he's tryin'a get Westwood, he's up and he's tuning
His baby mama's pissed off, fed up and she's fuming
She hates him and she's thinking of moving
Cell mate rolled a burn, sat up and he 2s(ed) him
Tryin'a get her on the phone, she hung up and abused him
He grabbed a Bible, read a page, it was soothing
It made him realise just how low he was stooping
Man, that bredda was stupid
But repenting to the Lord, he's back up and exclusive
Try'n play it down, what you saying now?
Ayo Ed, can we play it now?

[Hook: Ed Sheeran]

[Verse 3: Ed Sheeran and (Giggs)]
Just let me fade away and I'll be alright
(You ain't saying nothing that I ain't said already)
Give me another way, to release my light
(This is Hollowman Giggs, won't you tell 'em Eddy)
Hearing my brother say, I should speak my mind
(If it weren't for music man, I think, I'd be dead already)
Just let me fade away and I'll be alright
Play it out loud

[Hook: Ed Sheeran]

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