All Nicki Minaj Songs

Songs In album
***Flawless (Remix) -
*Ucci *Ucci -
1-900-Ms-Minaj Playtime Is Over
1234 -
2 Lit 2 Late (Interlude) Queen
2012 Insecure
2012 (It Ain't the End) -
23 -
25 Things You Don't Know About Me -
40 Bars Playtime Is Over
5 Star -
5 Star (Remix) -
5 Star (Remix) FAKE * -
5 Star (Remix) FAKE 2 -
5 Star Chick -
5 Star Remix 2 -
Aaaaaaaaaaa -
Affirmative Action -
Ain't Gone Do It -
Ain't Gone Do It -
Alexis simgs -
All About The Benjamins -
All Eyes On You -
All Eyes On You (Remix) -
All I Do Is Win (Remix) -
All Night -
All These b**hes Is My Sons: Nicki Minaj's Postpartum Politics -
All Things Go The Pink Print
Always Love You -
American Idol Fight -
Anaconda The Pink Print
Anaconda (LA Leakers Remix) -
Anaconda (Remix) -
Anaconda 2.0 -
Anaconda traduction français -
Anaconda- Sing -
Angel -
Animales -
Anybody -
Ass Talks Back: How Nicki Minaj Takes Control of The Big Butt Narrative in Hip Hop -
Auditions* -
Autobiography s**a Free
Automatic Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded
Azz Insecure
b**h I'm Madonna -
Back For U -
Back to Basics -
Back Together -
Bad for You -
Baddest b**h s**a Free
Ball For Me -
Bananas (harambe interlude) Pick My Fruit Out
Bang Bang -
Bang Bang/Skyfall -
Barbie Dreams Queen
Barbie Girl -
Barbie Tingz Queen
Barbie World (Intro) Barbie World
Batman -
Beam Me Up Scotty Beam Me Up Scotty
Beautiful Sinner Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded
Beauty And A Beat -
Beauty and a Beat (Acoustic) -
Bed Queen
Bed of Lies The Pink Print
BedRock Pink Friday
Beef Stew -
Beez In The Trap Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded
Best I Ever Had Beam Me Up Scotty
Best I Ever Had (Remix) Beam Me Up Scotty
Best I Ever Had Remix -
BET Cypher -
Big Bidness -
Big Daddy The Pink Print
Big Spender -
Biggest Freak s**a Free (Mixtape)
Birds -
Black Barbie The Pink Print
Black Barbies -
Black Barbies (Black Beatles Remix) -
Blazin Pink Friday
Blow Ya Mind Pink Friday
Blow Your Mind by Nicki Minaj -
Blue Cash (Remix)* -
Bluepock -
Bom Bidi Bom -
Boo'd Up (Remix) -
Born Stunna (Remix) -
Born To Be Wild -
Boss Ass b**h -
Boss Ass b**h (Remix) -
Bossed Up, Pickle Juice -
Bottoms up -
Bought The Bar -
Boy You've Got Me * -
Boyz -
Break Up (Remix) -
Brief & Beautiful -
Bring it Back Pink Friday: The Lost Tapes
Bring Me Down -
Brraaattt s**a Free
Buy A Heart The Pink Print
Can Anybody Hear Me Beam Me Up Scotty (Mixtape)
Can't Stop Thinking About You -
Can't Stop, Won't Stop Playtime Is Over
Catch Me Pink Friday
Champion Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded
Champions -
Change Change -
Changed It Queen
Check It Out Pink Friday
Check It Out (Special Mix) -
Cherry Pick My Fruit Out
Chi-Raq The Pink Print
Chiraq -
Chocolate legs -
Chun Swae Queen
Chun-Li Queen
Clappers -
Click Clack Playtime is Over (Mixtape)
Coca Coca -
Coco Chanel Queen
Come On A Cone Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded
Come See About Me Queen
Cry Tonight -
Cuchi Shop s**a Free
Cupid's got a gun -
Curious George s**a Free
Dance (A$$) (Remix) -
Dang a Lang Barbie World
Danny Glover Remix -
Dark Fantasy -
Dark Side of the Moon -
Dear Old Nicki Pink Friday
Diamonds And Gold -
Diamonds On My Neck -
Did It On 'Em Pink Friday
Did It On'em Pink Friday
Did it oniem -
Dilly Dally Playtime is Over (Mixtape)
Dirty Money -
Dirty Money (Freestyle) Playtime is Over (Mixtape)
Do It -
Do We Have A Problem?* -
Do You Like It (Freak sh**) -
Do You Mind -
Do You Mind (Introducing: Jerry Boii) -
Doesn't Matter To Me -
Doin' It Well s**a Free (Mixtape)
Don Queen (Don Q Diss) -
Don't Hurt Me -
Don't Stop, Won't Stop Playtime is Over (Mixtape)
Don't wanna lose you -
Dope Dealer -
Dopeman Ghetto Barbie
Down In The DM -
Down In The DM (Remix) -
Dreams Playtime is Over (Mixtape)
Dreams '07 Playtime Is Over
Dub On The Track (ft Nicki Minaj) -
Dungeon Party -
Duppy Dem* Queen
Ease Up Playtime Is Over
Easy Pink Friday
Easy To Love -
Eazy Barbie World
Eden Hazard -
Encore '07 Playtime Is Over
Entertainment 2.0 -
Envy Beam Me Up Scotty
Everything* Queen
Everywhere we go -
f** da Bullsh** -
f** The B.S. Barbie World
f** The BS Barbie World
f** the bullsh** -
f** U Silly Barbie World
f** With You -
f** You Silly Barbie World
Failed Again -
Failure (p**y n***a) -
Fake Cover * -
Familia -
Fast Life Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded
Favorite The Pink Print
Feel Free -
Feel Inside Insecure
Feel Inside (Remix) -
Feeling Myself The Pink Print
Feeling Myself (Von Tae' Remix) -
FEFE Queen
Fendi -
Finale Barbie World
Fire Burns Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded
Fireball Insecure
Firm Biz 08 s**a Free
Fitted Down -
Five-O Beam Me Up Scotty
Flawless -
Flexin * -
Fly Pink Friday
Fly - Instrumental -
Fly / I Believe I Can Fly -
For Free (Drake Pick Remix) -
For Keeps* -
For the Money -
Forever -
Four Door Aventador The Pink Print
Four door aventador - target version -
Fractions -
Frauds * -
Freaks -
Freaks(Remix) -
Freaky Girl -
Freaky Girl (Wanna Minaj?) s**a Free (Mixtape)
Freestyle Playtime is Over (Mixtape)
Froze -
Fruit Loops Pick My Fruit Out
Full Discography -
Ganja Burn Queen
Get it All -
Get Like Me -
Get Low -
Get Low 4 Me (Remix) -
Get On Your Knees The Pink Print
Get On Your Knees (Explicit) -
Get Silly Beam Me Up Scotty
Get Wit It -
Get Ya Money Up -
Get Your Money Up Barbie World
Get Your Money Up (Remix) Barbie World
Get Your Money Up (remix) (Promo Only clean edit) -
Get Your Paper Up Barbie World
Gettin Cake Barbie World
Gettin' Paid Barbie World
Getting Cake -
Getting Paid Barbie World
Gimme Money -
Girl After Girl -
Girl On Fire -
Girl on Fire (Inferno Remix) -
Girl on Fire (Inferno version) -
Girlfriend Barbie World: The Mixtape
Girls Fall Like Dominoes Pink Friday
Girls fall like dominoes - clean radio edit -
Girls fall like dominoes - distance remix -
Girls just want to have fun -
Girls Kissing Girls -
Give It All To Me -
Give Me All Your Lovin' (Party Rock Remix) -
Give Me All Your Luvi Insecure
Give Me All Your Luvin' -
Give Me Every Starship -
Go Hard Beam Me Up Scotty (Mixtape)
Good Form Queen
Good Form (Remix) Queen
Goodbye -
Grand Piano The Pink Print
Grapes Pick My Fruit Out
Grindin Freestyle s**a Free (Mixtape)
Grindin Making Money -
Grindin' Makin' Money -
Grinding Getting Money Barbie World
Grinding Making Money Barbie World
Gucci girlz -
Gun Shot Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded
Half Back Queen
Hands Up -
Handstand Beam Me Up Scotty
Hard Lemonade -
Hard White Queen
Haterade -
Haterade (Mista Men remix) -
Hell Yeah Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded - The Re-Up
Hello Good Morning -
Hello World -
Hello, Good Morning (Remix) -
Here and There (Girl You Bad) Pink Friday: The Lost Tapes
Here I Am Pink Friday
Hey Mama -
Hey Mama (Club k**ers Remix) -
High as a Kite -
High School Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded - The Re-Up
High School (Re-Up) -
Higher Than A Kite s**a Free
Higher Then A Kite s**a Free
Hip Hop Awards '09 -
Hold You (Remix) -
Holy Ground -
Hood Story Playtime Is Over
HOV Lane Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded
How To Break A Heart -
Hundred Million Dollaz s**a Free
Hunter -
I Ain't Thru Gold
I Am Your Leader Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded
I B on Dat -
I Be On That -
I Bought That -
I Don't Give A... -
I Endorse These Strippers Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded - The Re-Up
I f**ed You The Pink Print
I Feel Free Beam Me Up Scotty
I Feel Pretty (Roman's Revenge ) -
I Get Crazy Beam Me Up Scotty
I Get Money (Freestyle) -
I Get Money (Remix) s**a Free (Mixtape)
I Got Next -
I Just Borrow -
I Lied The Pink Print
I Love My Range Rover Pink Friday: The Lost Tapes
I Love You Insecure
I Luv Dem Strippers -
I Still Believe / Super Ba** -
I Wanna -
I Wanna Be With You -
I'm A b**h (Interlude) -
I'm Back -
I'm Cumin Playtime is Over (Mixtape)
I'm Getting Ready -
I'm Legit Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded - The Re-Up
I'm Legit (clean) -
I'm Out -
I'm That Chick -
I'm The Best Pink Friday
Ice Cream Man -
Idol (Remix) -
Iim the best -
Im cummin -
Im just bein me -
In My Head (remix) -
Inconsolable -
Inspirations (Outro Queen
It's All A Joke To You -
It's My Party -
Its goin down feat nicki minaj (bonus) (feat. nicki minaj) -
Itty Bitty b**hes (Nicki Minaj Remix) -
Itty Bitty Piggy Beam Me Up Scotty
Itty Bitty Piggy Remix -
Jump Off '07 Playtime Is Over
Just For Tonight (Remix!) -
Just like a Star (clean) -
Just Told You Neva To Go -
k** Da Dj Beam Me Up Scotty
Keys Under Palm Trees Beam Me Up Scotty
King James * -
Kiss My A.S.S. -
Kissing Strangers -
Kiwi Pick My Fruit Out
Knckout Barbie World
Knockout Barbie World
Knockout (remix) (Promo Only clean edit) -
Krippy Kush -
Krippy Kush (Remix) -
L'Ultimo Bicchiere -
La La I Love You -
La La Means I Love You -
Last Chance Pink Friday
Lay It Down -
Lemonade (Remix) -
Letcha Go Playtime Is Over
Letter To Lil Wayne Pink Friday: The Lost Tapes
Letting Go (Dutty Love) -
Letting go (dutty love) feat. nicki minaj -
Light My Body Up -
Like A Star -
Like You Do -
Lil Freak Barbie World
Lip Gloss Freestyle -
Little Bad Girl -
Little Freak Barbie World
Little Freak (Promo Only clean edit) -
Livin' It Up -
LLC Queen
Lolipop Remix -
Lolli -
Lollipop (Remix) s**a Free
Lollipop Luxury -
Long Time Comin s**a Free (Mixtape)
Lookin Ass The Pink Print
Lookin Ass (Lookin Ass n***a) -
Lookin Ass n***a -
Lookin' at Me -
Looking Ass n***as -
Love Like Yours -
Love Me -
Love More -
Low -
Ma**ive Attack Pink Friday
Mad Over You (Remix) -
Majesty Queen
Make a Baby Pink Friday: The Lost Tapes
Make A Miracle -
Make Me Feel -
Make Me Proud Insecure
Mama -
Mango Pick My Fruit Out
Marilyn Monroe Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded
Masquerade Pink Friday
Mean Walk -
Memories -
Mercy -
Mi Casa Barbie World
Miami Queen
Minaj Et Trois -
Mind On My Money Beam Me Up Scotty (Mixtape)
Mind Your Own Business (TBC) * Mind Your Own Business (TBC)
Misinformation -
Miss Independent -
Miss Independent (Remix) -
Miss Me* -
Moment 4 -
Moment 4 Life Pink Friday
Moment For Life -
Mona Lisa The Pink Print
Money On My Mind -
Monster -
Most Popular Rappers * -
Motor Sport -
Motorsport -
Muny Pink Friday
Murda Murda -
Muthaf**a Up -
My Addiction -
My Chick Bad -
My Hitta (Remix) -
My Love Calling for You -
My n***a (Remix) -
N.I.G.G.A.S Playtime is Over (Mixtape)
N***a Toss My Fruit Salad Pick My Fruit Out
Na Na Na* Queen
Never Let It Go -
New York Minute (Remix) -
Nicki Minaj - Anaconda (polish version) -
Nicki Minaj - Pills n Potions (polish version) -
Nicki Minaj - The Night is Still Young (polish version) -
Nicki Minaj Alter Egos -
Nicki Minaj Interview 6-4-12 -
Nicki Minaj Speaks Beam Me Up Scotty
Nicki Minaj Speaks (Jae Millz) -
Nicki Minaj Speaks #1 Beam Me Up Scotty
Nicki Minaj Speaks #2 Beam Me Up Scotty
Nicki Minaj Speaks #3 Beam Me Up Scotty
Nicki Minaj, Cheeky Genius -
Nicki Minaj's First Rap Song -
Nip Tuck Queen
NM4.1 * -
No Broken Hearts -
No Candle No Light -
No Entry -
No Flag -
No Flex Zone -
No Flex Zone (Remix) -
No Frauds Queen
No frauds x Changed it x Regret in your tears - mashup cover -
No Love -
No Love (Remix) -
No No No -
Nobody -
Not At All -
Oh My My* * -
Old Enough (Remix) -
On My Mind (Part 2) -
On Top -
On Top ( snippet) -
Only The Pink Print
Out My Face Barbie World
Out Of Control (Remix) -
Out of My Mind -
Outro Beam Me Up Scotty (Mixtape)
p**y n***a -
Pamper Me -
Pennitentry Wallz -
Perfect Day -
Pill n potions -
Pills N Potions The Pink Print
Pills N Potions (Remix) -
Pineapple Pick My Fruit Out
Pink Friday Pink Friday
Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded
Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded - The Re-Up Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded - The Re-Up
Plain Jane -
Plain Jane (REMIX) -
Playtime Is Over Playtime Is Over
Poke It Out -
Pony Tail Barbie World
Ponytail Barbie World
Pound The Alarm Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded
Pound the alarm - album edit -
Pound the alarm - album version (edited) -
Pound the alarm - edit -
Pound the Alarm (Jelfa mix) -
Pound the Alarm (Kitz Looper mix) -
Pound the Alarm (Liam Keegan mix) -
Pound the Alarm (music video) -
Pound the Alarm (Nick Lees mix) -
Pound the Alarm (Nicole Chen mix) -
President Carter Signs Off s**a Free (Mixtape)
President Carter Speaks (feat. Lil Wayne) s**a Free (Mixtape)
President Carter Speaks * s**a Free
Press Conference Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded
Prince -
Prologue -
Pum pum -
Pussies -
Put It On Ya -
Put You In A Room The Pink Print
Queen* -
Rah! -
Raining Men -
Rake It Up -
Rake It Up Yo -
Raspberries Pick My Fruit Out
Re-Up -
Real Pimpin -
Realize -
Regret in Your Tears Queen
Regular Degular Queen
Remember Me (FINAL VERSION) -
Remember Me (Remix) -
Rich Friday -
Rich Sex Queen
Right By My Side Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded
Right Through Me -
Right Thru Me Pink Friday
Right Thru Me by Nicki Minaj -
Right Thru Me (clean) -
Ring Her Up* -
Rise of a Superstar (Part 1) - Nicki Minaj -
Rock Normale -
Rock Star -
Roger That Barbie World
Roman Holiday Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded
Roman Holiday (Live Grammys Version) -
Roman In Moscow Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded
Roman In Moscow by Nicki Minaj -
Roman Reloaded Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded
Roman's Prayer/Roman In Moscow -
Roman's Revenge Pink Friday
Roman's Revenge (remake) -
Roman's Revenge (remix) Gold
Roman's Revenge 2.0 Pink Friday
Run & Hide Queen
Run Up -
Runnin' -
s**a Free -
SaInT RoMaN -
Save Me Pink Friday
Saxon Barbie World
Saxon Full Song Barbie World
Seeing Green -
Senile -
Set It Off s**a Free (Mixtape)
Sex In Crazy Places Barbie World
Sex In The Lounge Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded
sh**ted On Em -
Shake It For Daddy Barbie World
Shakin' It 4 Daddy Barbie World
Shakin' It 4 Daddy (Manon Dave Remix) -
Shanghai The Pink Print
Shanghi The Pink Print
Shawt Bus Reloaded -
She Came To Give It To You -
She For Keeps -
She Likes Me -
Shether (Nicki Minaj Diss) -
Shopaholic Beam Me Up Scotty
Side 2 Side -
Side to Side -
Side To Side (Wippy Lion Remix) -
Side To Side Parody -
Side to Side(radio edit) -
Single Ladies (Remix) -
Sir Queen
Skrt On Me -
Slumber Party Beam Me Up Scotty
So Bad (2014 Version) -
So Bad (Remix) -
So Special -
Somebody Else -
Sorrystupid -
Starships Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded
Starships by Nicki Minaj -
Starships (remix) -
Statement apologizing for "Only" -
Sticks In My Bun Playtime Is Over
Stilettos and T-Shirt -
Still I Rise Beam Me Up Scotty (Mixtape)
Streets is Watchin -
Streets Is Watching Barbie World
Strippin' In The Club -
Stupid Hoe Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded
Sugar (Remix) -
Suge (Remix) -
Sunshine (feat. Gravy) Playtime is Over (Mixtape)
Supa Hot -
Super Ba** Pink Friday
Super Ba** (Promo Only clean album edit) -
Swa-La * -
Swag It Out Step Your P*ssy Up
Swalla -
Swalla (After Dark Remix) -
Swalla (Wideboys Remix) -
Sweet Dreams -
Sweet Dreams (Remix) Barbie World
Sweetest Girl s**a Free
Sweetest Girl (Remix) s**a Free (Mixtape)
Swish Swish -
T -
Tagliati I Capelli -
Take It Off Barbie World
Take It to the Head -
Talking that stuff -
Tambourine -
Tap out -
Tapout -
Taste The Rainbow -
Tay- Fire Burns -
Tempo -
Teqk**a (remix) -
That day -
That's How You Feel -
That's wa**up -
That's What's Up -
The best remix -
The Biggest Freak -
The Boys Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded - The Re-Up
The Cipher Barbie World
The Creep -
The Crying Game The Pink Print
The Cypher -
The Hills (Nicki Minaj Remix) -
The Hills Remix -
The Jump Off Playtime is Over (Mixtape)
The Light Is Coming -
The Night Is Still Young The Pink Print
The Old Regime -
The Pinkprint Freestyle -
The Pinkprint Freestyle (Ooouuu Remix) -
The Way Life Goes -
The Way Life Goes (Remix) -
Thinking -
Thinking To Myself (Her Eyes) -
Thought I Knew You Queen
Throw Sum Mo -
Tiesha's Interpretation of Nicki Minaj's Idea Behind The Pinkprint Album Title -
Till the World Ends (The Femme Fatale Remix) -
Till The World Ends Remix -
Till The Worlds End -
TNT Cypher -
Together* -
Tonight I'm Getting Over You (Remix) -
Top Of The World Insecure
Touch Down (Remix) -
Touchin' Lovin' -
Tragedy -
Tragedy (Lil Kim Diss snippet) -
Trend Starters -
Trini Dem Girls The Pink Print
True Colors -
Truffle Butter The Pink Print
Truffle Butter (Freestyle) -
Tuned up with fire -
Turn Me On Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded
Turn Me On (David Guetta and Laidback Luke remix) -
Turn Me On (extended mix) -
Turn Me On (JP Candela remix) -
Turn Me On (Michael Calfan remix) -
Turn Me On (Sebastien Drums remix) -
Turn Me On (Sidney Samson Remix) -
Turn My World On -
Twerk It (Remix) -
Twerk it Remix Nicki Minaj -
Unapologetic b**h -
Untitled* 3 * -
Up All Night -
Up All Night Nicki Verse -
Up In Flames Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded - The Re-Up
Up Out My Face Barbie World
Up Out My Face (Nicki Minaj Remix) -
Up Out My Face (Promo Only clean edit) -
Up Out My Face (Remix) -
Upgrade Playtime is Over (Mixtape)
Va Va Voom Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded - The Re-Up
Violent Crimes -
Wamables The Pink Print
Wamables pt 2 -
Wanna Minaj s**a Free
Want Some More The Pink Print
Want some more - target version -
Warning Playtime is Over (Mixtape)
Watch What U Say -
Watch What You Say -
Watermelon Pick My Fruit Out
Wave Ya Hand Pink Friday
We Miss You Insecure
What Did I Do -
What Now -
What's Left Of * -
What's Wrong With Them -
When we met in 5th grade -
Where Them Girls At -
Where Them Girls At (Nicky Romero remix) -
Where Them Girls At (Nicky Romero Remix/Sidney Samson Remix) -
Where's Wayne -
Whip It Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded
Whip it - album version (edited) -
Whip My Hair by Nicki Minaj -
Whip My Hair (Remix) -
Whippin' -
Who Knew -
Who Runs This? Pink Friday: The Lost Tapes
Who’s Ya BEST MC? s**a Free
Whos Ya Best MC? s**a Free
Win Again The Pink Print
Wobble Up -
Woman Like Me -
Womp Womp s**a Free
Won't Grow Up* * -
Woohoo -
Wuchoo Know Playtime Is Over
Wuchoo Know (Chin Checka) Playtime is Over (Mixtape)
Y U Mad -
Y.UMad Insecure
Ya** b**h -
Ya**s Bish The Pink Print
YM Salute -
You Already Know -
You Da Baddest -
You Know -
You The Boss Insecure
You Won't See Me Cry -
You're The One That I Want -
Young Forever Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded
Young Money Ballaz s**a Free
Young rapper -
Your Love Pink Friday
Your Love (Jay Sean remix) -
Your Love (new clean mix) (Promo Only clean edit) -
Your Love (Promo Only clean edit) -
Your Love Remix -
Yup Yup -
Zonin' Pink Friday: The Lost Tapes