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Nicki Minaj - Don't Stop, Won't Stop lyrics

[Intro: Lil Wayne]
Good morning New York
Good afternoon New Orleans
Goodnight America
This is Young Money... Nicki Minaj

[Verse 1: Nicki Minaj]
They don't make us to break us, no, I'm with the bakers
I'm gettin bread with dread up in Jamaica
It's them young stunnas, Nick and Lil Weezy
Nic, I'm the chick, that go getta like Jeezy
Fall back, cause I do this here
Step ya bars up or you're through this year
Yup it's only right that the whole block stare
Hopped out the air in the blue and white layer
I'm here, I'm lit, long hair - don't care
Steady starin at my ear, cause my ear on glare
Now it's not hard to find me, top behind me
You be Harry Potter, and I'll be Hermione
I be early, I'm the girl they call The One
Like I'm my first birthday
I'm in that Range Rov, rocking that Kangol
That p**y real good, it tastes like mango

[Hook: Nicki Minaj]
Can't stop, won't stop reppin' Young Money, and we
We get down, and we, we get down, and we...
Boys o' boys, they love me
(Chromed out eleven hundred)
Can't stop, won't stop reppin' Young Money, and we
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We get down, and we, we get down, and we...

[Verse 2: Lil Wayne]
Ya dig
So I guess it's my turn
And I'mma go at n***as' heads like sideburns
Big Phantom on the road, make a wide turn
Big light-green buds, is what I burn
Nicki, since I've been rappin, this what I've learned
All these other n***as p**y, like dry s**m (f** 'em)
And I knock this sh** out like Tom Hearns
If it ain't about money, me no concern
A paper chaser 'til my thigh burn
And never give a b**h what I've earned
f** I look like?
I'm lookin for a b**h that can f** right, cook right
And if not; then, left foot, right
Foot get to steppin, yeah b**h, walk light
And my hoes talk like "Hsshswash", and I just say "Right."
We don't fuss fight
She is just.. just.. just right


[Outro: Lil Wayne]
I'm on tour, til my money's like the bus height
Ice looking bright, see me coming like bus lights
Nicki Minaj
Young Money

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