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Nicki Minaj - Letter To Lil Wayne lyrics

[Verse 1]
Dear Wayne, if this shit ever gets to you
Listen to me, there's some things I should have said to you
First of all, every rapper need to bow to you
As a fan man, I really am proud of you
Second of all, I gotta say thanks
You really did alot for my out of state banks
With that being said, let's get down to the real
I still don't understand what went down with the deal
And I been waiting on you just to give me the word
You know, a couple nouns and a couple of verbs
I do it for them girls that be flippin' the bird
Tryna get up out the hood and get into the ‘burbs
But everything you said, was it just pretend?
Maybe it was all a game like ESPN
I don't really care if they hate on you
I be turning down meetings just to wait on you
But what I don't understand is why you told them you signed me
If you wasn't ready to get totally behind me
I mean honestly, how could you deny me?
You know you're Harry and I'll always be Hermione

I've been lonely, I've been waiting for you
I'm pretending, and that's all I can do
The love I'm sending ain't making it through to your heart

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[Verse 2]
Dear Wayne, I'm writing another letter cause
You never did respond, it's been a couple months
See when I speak I say what people wanna hear
So this will be the last thing that they gonna hear
But this will be the realest shit that I ever wrote
You see me falling, why you never sent down a rope?
I woulda climbed up but now my times up
I swear to God man, I thought you had it lined up
But if the Lord had a head of thorns
Who am I but a broad with some metaphors
Knockin' on a set of doors
Knockin' on heaven's doors
Let's play a game, just for pretend
Could we play a game?
Let's act like you coming to me
Like you laced up your shoes, started running to me
And you was running out of breath but you kept going
‘Cause you finally realized what you slept on
If you take your own life are you a sinner?
I made you dinner
But you better be a hell of a sprinter
If you're reading this letter, I done pulled the trigger
I done pulled the trigger
If you're reading this letter, I done pulled the trigger


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