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'Til The Next One Comes -
0 To 100 (Remix) One Take: Volume 2
Admit It Dream Big
All I Do Is Rap -
All Love -
All My Life Dream Big
All That Matters -
Alone in the City As Seen on the Internet
Anti-Social As Seen on the Internet
Anxious Don’t Wanna Be Famous
As Seen On The Internet As Seen on the Internet
Back Then -
Backdoor -
Bedroom Bars Ep. 1 Bedroom Bars Saga
Bedroom Bars Ep. 2 Bedroom Bars Saga
Bedroom Bars Ep. 3 Bedroom Bars Saga
Benz* Blessings
Best In AZ -
Better -
Big Rings (Remix) -
Biggest Fan As Seen on the Internet
Billion Dollars #12DaysOfChristmas (with DEVVON TERRELL)
Blasé (Remix) #12DaysOfChristmas (with DEVVON TERRELL)
Blasé (Remix) #12DaysOfChristmas (with DEVVON TERRELL)
Blinded -
Blinded By The Light Traveling Local
Bodied Coast 2 Coast (with DEVVON TERRELL)
Bonfire (Remix) Y'all s**
Break Your Neck -
Bubble -
Call Of Duty The Rise
Can't Go Back As Seen on the Internet
Can't Handle Me Dream Big
Catalyst, Futuristic, Kidaf (prod. G-Force) | Mission Underground LA -
Catch You The Rise
Change T.G.I.F.
Change Somebody* Blessings
Chasing Down A Dream Chasing Down A Dream
Clique One Take
Clique (Freestyle) One Take - Volume 1
Clock* Blessings
Clone Dream Big
Co-Star Coast 2 Coast (with DEVVON TERRELL)
Coco (Parody) One Take: Volume 2
Cry On My Shoulder* Don’t Wanna Be Famous
Damn Dream Big
Day 1 Homies -
Day By Day T.G.I.F.
Demons (Imagine Dragons Remix) One Take: Volume 2
Demons (Remix) One Take: Volume 2
DFUOB V Contest (Futuristic) -
DFUOB7 Sample Entry -
Dirty Chucks Traveling Local
Do It As Seen on the Internet
Do Too Much* Blessings
Don't (Remix) -
Don't Drop That One Take - Volume 1
Don't Mind If I Do Chasing Down A Dream
Don't Wanna Be Famous Don’t Wanna Be Famous
Dream Big Dream Big
DTP (Drop Top Porsche) -
Duh Chasing Down A Dream
Epiphany Blessings
Everything Stays the Same -
F'n Do It -
f** You Mean Dream Big
f** Yourself -
f**in' Problem One Take
f**in' Problem (Freestyle) One Take - Volume 1
Feel Good One Take: Volume 2
Feelings And Liquor -
Fighting With Myself Chasing Down A Dream
Finger On The Trigger Traveling Local
Flex As Seen on the Internet
Flexicution -
Flexicution (ONE TAKE REMIX) -
Flexicution (Remix) -
Flexicution Remix (#OneTake) -
Fly Dream Big
For the Love Chasing Down A Dream
Forget That It’s Over -
Forgot Where I Was Goin Dream Big
Freaks & Geeks (Remix) Y'all s**
Free Spirit (Remix) Y'all s**
Full Steam Ahead -
Futuristic Music Videos -
Futuristic Or Die Chasing Down A Dream
Get It -
Get It Together Blessings
Ghost -
Good Pain -
Goodnight Chasing Down A Dream
Grandmas Song -
Grown -
Ha!* Don’t Wanna Be Famous
Happy Dance -
Hashtag As Seen on the Internet
Have Fun Traveling Local
Hol Up* Don’t Wanna Be Famous
Hold Each Other -
Hold On (Shut Up) One Take - Volume 1
Hollywood Freestyle -
How it Go -
Human Being -
Hunger -
I Be That One Take: Volume 2
I Didn't Mean It Traveling Local
I Don't f** With You (Remix) One Take: Volume 2
I don't like (remix) -
I Got Sauce Dream Big
I Guess I'll Smoke Traveling Local
I Met A Girl -
I Want It All Coast 2 Coast (with DEVVON TERRELL)
I Want It, I Get It -
I'm A Problem Chasing Down A Dream
I'm Fresh -
I'm On Coast 2 Coast (with DEVVON TERRELL)
If I Would've Known* Don’t Wanna Be Famous
In The Zone Traveling Local
It Don't Take A Lot* Don’t Wanna Be Famous
It Takes 2 -
k** Us Both One Take: Volume 2
King Speech -
King's Speech (Queen's Speech Remix) -
Know My Name -
La La La Dream Big
Last Of The Real -
Legend In The Making One Take: Volume 2
Let's Do Somethin The Rise
Let's Do Something The Rise
Life Blessings
Lights * Blessings
Like Me -
Like That -
Listen To Me One Take
Listen To Me (Pink Matter Remix) One Take - Volume 1
Lit Coast 2 Coast (with DEVVON TERRELL)
Locked Out of Heaven -
Long Days, Cold Nights Chasing Down A Dream
Lookin' Ass n***as (Remix) One Take: Volume 2
Lose Yourself One Take
Lose Yourself (Freestyle) One Take - Volume 1
Love (A Poem) -
Love Yourself (Remix) #12DaysOfChristmas (with DEVVON TERRELL)
Love Yourz (Remix) One Take: Volume 2
Love, Money -
Make Me Wanna Don’t Wanna Be Famous
Man On A Mission The Rise
Maybe I Do -
Mindcraft As Seen on the Internet
Mr. I Had To Do It -
Music Saved My Life The Rise
My Name Chasing Down A Dream
My Name Is (Remix) #12DaysOfChristmas (with DEVVON TERRELL)
My Own Zone -
n***as In Paris (Remix) Y'all s**
Nasty Man (Cla**ic Man Parody) -
Never Slipped My Mind* -
Next Level As Seen on the Internet
No Budget Chasing Down A Dream
No f**s to Give -
No Flex Zone (Remix) One Take: Volume 2
No flex zone remix (revised) -
No Jam -
No Love -
No Service As Seen on the Internet
No Time For Bullsh** Traveling Local
No Touching -
No Way The Rise
Not Enough The Rise
Not The Vibe Blessings
Nudes As Seen on the Internet
OD The Rise
Oh Wow* Don’t Wanna Be Famous
Old sh** One Take: Volume 2
One More Bottle -
Or Die -
Over 21 -
Panda Remix #OneTake -
Perico -
Plan A Traveling Local
Play In The Rain -
Playin With Coast 2 Coast (with DEVVON TERRELL)
Poetic Justice One Take
Poetic Justice (Freestyle) One Take - Volume 1
Potion (Remix) #12DaysOfChristmas (with DEVVON TERRELL)
Pound Cake One Take: Volume 2
Pound Cake (Remix) One Take: Volume 2
Price to Life Chasing Down A Dream
Priceless Da Roc, Demrick, Futuristic, Young Markk -
Puttin' In Work Traveling Local
Raise The Bar Cypher One Take
Raw The Rise
RAW Cypher 2 -
Realest in the Room Chasing Down A Dream
Red Light Texting Chasing Down A Dream
Ride It Dream Big
Rockstar Dream Big
Roll Up Coast 2 Coast (with DEVVON TERRELL)
Say Something -
Scrollin As Seen on the Internet
Sedona* Don’t Wanna Be Famous
See Me Mad As Seen on the Internet
Sh!t (Remix) One Take: Volume 2
sh** Remix (Sorry 4 The Wait 2) One Take: Volume 2
Shake It Off (Remix) #12DaysOfChristmas (with DEVVON TERRELL)
Shots -
Sincerely One Take: Volume 2
Snapchat Rap Cypher -
So Close, So Far Away Traveling Local
So Crazy Dream Big
Somewhere In The Middle Somewhere In The Middle
Sorry (Remix) #12DaysOfChristmas (with DEVVON TERRELL)
Steph Curry -
Still Got It (Remix) Y'all s**
Sub Me In Coast 2 Coast (with DEVVON TERRELL)
T.G.I.F. T.G.I.F.
Take A Ride -
Talk Blessings
Team Backpack Cypher -
Tell Me Something That I Don't Know -
Thai Food* Don’t Wanna Be Famous
That One Night -
That Thang Traveling Local
That's that -
The Greatest The Rise
The Reviews Dream Big
The Rise The Rise
The Time Is Now As Seen on the Internet
Thoughts Dream Big
Too Easy The Rise
Top Flite Empire -
Uber To My Place Coast 2 Coast (with DEVVON TERRELL)
Uh! Coast 2 Coast (with DEVVON TERRELL)
Until It Happens To You Traveling Local
Wa**up -
Watch Out (Remix) #12DaysOfChristmas (with DEVVON TERRELL)
Watch Yo Mouth -
Wave -
What Do You Expect -
What I'm Talkin' Bout -
What More Could You Ask For? -
Whatever I Want The Rise
Who They -
Who’s That* Don’t Wanna Be Famous
Why Not Traveling Local
Word Up Coast 2 Coast (with DEVVON TERRELL)
Yea Yea* Don’t Wanna Be Famous
You Know -
You Outta Know Chasing Down A Dream
Young Rich & Handsome T.G.I.F.
Young Rich & Handsome T.G.I.F.
Young, Rich & Handsome T.G.I.F.
Yuck One Take
Yuck (Freestyle) One Take - Volume 1