All Vampire Rodents Songs

Songs In album
A Perfect Lawn Gravity's Rim
Abortion Clinic Deli War Music
Akrotiri Lullaby Land
Albatross -
Annexation Premonition
Another Planet Clockseed
Apparition * Premonition
Autocannibalism War Music
Awaken Lullaby Land
Babelchop Premonition
Babyface Premonition
Beta Gravity's Rim
Book Of Job Premonition
Bosch Erotique Lullaby Land
Burial At Sea Premonition
Calibrations Gravity's Rim
Cartouche Lullaby Land
Catacomb Lullaby Land
Chain Gravity's Rim
Clockseed Clockseed
Cocked, Loaded & Ready Clockseed
Code * Gravity's Rim
Colonies Premonition
Core Gravity's Rim
Crack Babies War Music
Creeper Gravity's Rim
Crib d**h Lullaby Land
Dante's Shroud Premonition
Deicide Premonition
Demon Est Deus Inversus Premonition
Dervish Lullaby Land
Dogchild Lullaby Land
Dowager's Egg Clockseed
Downwind Clockseed
Dresden Premonition
Dumme Weisse Menschen War Music
Evasion * Gravity's Rim
Extinction War Music
Exuviate Lullaby Land
Floater Clockseed
Fossilized Gravity's Rim
Fragrance Of Christ War Music
Friktion War Music
Gargoyles Lullaby Land
Glow Worm Lullaby Land
Goatweed Gravity's Rim
Grace Lullaby Land
Gravity's Rim Gravity's Rim
H.M.P. Gravity's Rim
Heliopause * Clockseed
Holiday War Music
Hubba Hubba Lullaby Land
Ice Borers Gravity's Rim
Infection Premonition
Iron Clad Clockseed
Little Canoe Clockseed
Low Orbit * Clockseed
Lullaby Land Lullaby Land
Meat War Music
Momentous War Music
Monkeypump Premonition
Mother Tongue * Clockseed
Mummified War Music
Nosedive Lullaby Land
Obsidian Gravity's Rim
Ovulation Premonition
Pa**age Lullaby Land
Parameter Seven Gravity's Rim
Patterns Gravity's Rim
Pla Man War Music
Porker Gravity's Rim
Press Of Flesh War Music
Prophet Clown Gravity's Rim
Raga Rodentia Lullaby Land
Rain Wheel Gravity's Rim
Ravages Of Ease Clockseed
Recoil Premonition
Revisioned Clockseed
Rodentia Ostinati I & II Premonition
Sandtrap Gravity's Rim
Saturation Clockseed
Scatter Clockseed
Scavenger Lullaby Land
Schlangenauge Gravity's Rim
Sexrite War Music
Sitio Premonition
Skin Walker Clockseed
Subspecies Premonition
Success War Music
Tattoo Me Clockseed
Teapot * Clockseed
Tenochtitlan Premonition
Tenochtitlan II * Clockseed
Terra Amata Clockseed
The Happy Box Gravity's Rim
The Ninth Floor War Music
The Tide Returns War Music
Toten Faschist Lullaby Land
Tremulous Lullaby Land
Trilobite Lullaby Land
Underneath Gravity's Rim
Unmoved Clockseed
Vulvasaurus Premonition
Waterhead Premonition
Zygote Clockseed