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Moneen - Half Empty Half Full I Never Got A Gla** To Start With lyrics

Murders and motives for me,
your alibis and witness won't mean a thing.
Try something different today,
k** yourself then tell me my love is fake.
They say you love more when they die,
well if you're still dead and I'm still sad it won't help a thing.
To the point where I can't sleep, or even think again, I'm dead

Should have though this through.
Should have ran this by you.
I'm going through the steps for your d**h.

Knife fights and stab wounds for me,
put up a fight and you'll see what I mean.
this is not the way I'd like to be.
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Take your car and run me down and put me in my place
if I k** you and you k** me,
we'll take a picture, think how romantic it will be.
To the point where we won't sleep or even live again. In love we are dead.

I have sadness,
I'd rather have nothing.
I have nothing.
All I have is nothing.

That's just the way things go for me.
When I try hard I fall
and falling you is like ripping out your ribs and holding them for you.
I'm not that half bad, it's hard for me to prove that.
Even though I feel I have nothing,
I still have you with my nothing.

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