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Moneen - How It's Always Been lyrics

Please drag me away from this, I just don't want to go.
and I'm taking in everything and just want to know.
I've lost all direction and reason and seem so low
To everyone,everytime, only if they'd know.
NO, I will lay down, dead here. (x4)
this feeling takes over again and it's over soon.
I'm driving away from this and still it looms.
It seeps into everything and can empty you.
No, I will lay down dead here. (x2)
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Sincerity empties me and all I see
Is a realization of how it's always been.
Just take me away because it seems so bad.
Please end on this day, so I won't feel sad...again.
and I won't be sad, and I won't be sad
and I've known this before (x4)
you said that I'd never really forget this time
And I've known this before
you said that I'd never forget this time (x2)

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