All Jhene Aiko Songs

Songs In album
"Sail Out" -
#hustlin' -
$parks Will Fly -
2 Minute Warning -
2 Seconds -
2 Seconds pt. 2 -
2014 Forest Hills Drive Tour Dates -
3:16 AM Sail Out
3am Overdose -
Angel -
Ascension Trip
B's & H's -
Bad Trip Trip
Be Ready (From Time remix) -
Beautiful Rain Souled Out
Beautiful Ruin Souled Out
Bed Peace Sail Out
Bed Peace (Original Version) -
Bed Peace (Remix) -
Beware -
Bill Withers Medley -
Blak Majik -
Blue Dream Souled Out
Boy My Name is Jhene
Brave Souled Out
Break It Down -
Broken Heart -
Burning man (3:16pm) -
By Yourself (Remix) -
Chains (Remix) -
Cherry Pie My Name is Jhene
Clear My Mind -
Closure -
Comfort In Ending Sail Out
Comfort Inn Ending -
Comfort Inn Ending (Freestyle) Sail Out
Contradiction -
Cool Off -
Damage (3rd Person) -
Déjà Vu -
Detroit -
Do Better Blues Sailing Soul(s)
Do Better Blues Part 2 -
Do Better Blues pt 2 (Marvin's Room) -
Dog -
Dog - 1823452 -
Don't Walk Away My Name is Jhene
Down 4 U Part 2 My Name is Jhene
Down For You (Part Two) My Name is Jhene
Drinking & Driving -
Drinking And Driving -
Dripping wet -
Drowning -
Drunk Texting -
Eternal Sunshine Souled Out
Everyday -
Everything Must Go -
Ex Again -
Expiration Date -
Fantasy -
Feel Like A Man -
First f** -
Fit of the Day 2/11/14 * -
Fit of the Day 6/30/14 * -
Fit of the Day 8/7/14 * -
Fly Ass Pisces -
For My Brother -
Freedom -
French Riviera -
French Riviera (English Translation) -
Frequency Trip
From Time -
Get My sh** Together -
Gonna Love You Anyway My Name is Jhene
Growing Apart (To Get Closer) -
Growing Apart Too Sailing Soul(s)
Guitar Hero -
Happy My Name is Jhene
He Couldn't Kiss My Name is Jhene
Hello Ego -
Higher Sailing Soul(s)
Hoe Sailing Soul(s)
I Know -
I. Pink Toes -
I'd Rather Be -
I'm Gonna Be -
In a World of My Own / Very Good Advice -
In Love We Trust -
In The Dark -
Inner Visions (Excerpt) -
It's A Vibe -
It's Cool Souled Out
Jhene Aiko Official Bio -
Jhene Aiko: The Arrival -
Jhene Aiko's Tattoos -
Juicy Booty -
Jukai Trip
July Sailing Soul(s)
July (SOLO) -
July (summertime) -
Keep Your Head Up -
Lead The Way -
Lemme Know -
Let's Make Some Noise -
Life Rhymes -
Limbo Limbo Limbo Souled Out
Living Room Flow -
London Bridge -
Lord Knows/Fighting Stronger -
LSD Trip
Lyin King Souled Out
Maniac -
Memories Faded -
Mirrors -
Mirrors (Feat. Odxney) Remix -
Moments Trip
My Afternoon Dream Souled Out
My Mine Sailing Soul(s)
My Name Is Jhene (Interlude) My Name is Jhene
Mystic Journey Trip
Naked Truth -
Nalyd Ecitsuj Collab -
Never Call Me Trip
New Balance Trip
New Balance (Rough) -
Newer Balance Trip
No L.O.V.E. My Name is Jhene
Nobody Trip
Nothin' New -
O.N.L.Y -
Oblivion (Creation) Trip
Oh You Scared -
OLLA (Only Lovers Left Alive) Trip
On The Verge: "Little Sister" Jhene Aiko Takes Charge -
On the Way -
One of Dem Nights -
Out Of Love Film Pt. 1 -
Out Of Love Film Pt. 2 -
Overstimulated Trip
Pain -
Picture Perfect Trip
Please Don't Go -
Plz Don't Go -
Poison -
Popular Sailing Soul(s)
Post To Be -
Pretty Bird Souled Out
Pretty Bird (Freestyle) Souled Out
Promise Ring My Name is Jhene
Promises Souled Out
Psilocybin -
Push It -
Real Now Sailing Soul(s)
Remember Souled Out
Resistance -
Right Here -
Rowdy -
Runaway -
Sailing NOT Selling Sailing Soul(s)
Sailing Souls -
Same Time Pt. 1 -
Santa Baby -
Sativa Trip
Sativa (REMIX) -
Selfish -
Sex Drive -
Sing To Me Trip
Skipping Stones -
Slow It Down -
Snapped -
Sneaky My Name is Jhene
Sorry -
Sorry To Interrupt -
Soulo Ho3 -
Soundtrack of my life (no label III ) -
Space Jam Sailing Soul(s)
Sparks Will Fly -
Spotless Mind Souled Out
Stay Ready -
Stay Ready (What A Life) Sail Out
Stay Up With Me Jhene Aiko Poetry
Stranger Sailing Soul(s)
Strangers -
Stuck Like This My Name is Jhene
Summer 2014: Jhene Aiko Cover Shoot * -
Talk Show -
Terrorist Threats -
The Beginning * Sailing Soul(s)
The Night -
The Night (Tell All) -
The Pressure Souled Out
The Vapors Sail Out
The Worst Sail Out
The Worst (Remix) -
The Worst (Yours Truly, Kitten cover) -
The Worst Freestyle -
To Love & Die Souled Out
To Love & Die Feat -
To Love And Die Souled Out
Trip Trip
Trip 17* -
Uncontrolled Feelings -
Used To Love You -
Vapors Sail Out
Vapors Remix -
VIBE Summer 2014 Cover Story: Jhene Aiko -
W.A.Y.S Souled Out
Wading Souled Out
Wait No More -
Waiting For My Moment -
Wake Up Alone -
Wake Up Alone (Remix) -
Wasted Love Freestyle 2018* -
Ways -
What A Life -
When We Love Trip
While We're Young -
Win Some, Lose Some -
Wishing (Remix) -
Won't Play The Game My Name is Jhene
Worthy -
Wrap Me Up -
Wrongs -
WTH Sail Out
Wu-Tang Forever -
You Are Here Trip
You Don't Know Me My Name is Jhene
You Vs. Them Souled Out