Jhene Aiko - Runaway lyrics

[Verse 1: Jhene Aiko]
Yeah, yeah yeah
Alright, yeah, yeah
Okay you back to talking that sh** again
Questioning me about where I been
I don't even know why you here
You ain't even po' be here
I put it all on the line
I be lovin you every night
You the one I come home to right?
Right? Right??

Man I wish I had some weed up in my system
Cuz I'm bout two seconds away from just flippin out
How could you say that I did it when I didn't
Think it's bout time that we end this now

I don't need your trust
I don't need this sh**, yeah
I have had enough, I think you should just

[Hook: Jhene Aiko]
Run away
Get away, find a new love
Run away, ooooohhh ohh
Oh ooh ohh

[Verse 2: The Weeknd]
Now you're thinkin' 'bout it
Girl you're thinkin' 'bout it
What we got here
How we f**in' got here
They recognize
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They just recognize
I'm in a life without a home so this recognitions not enough
I don't care bout nobody else
Cause I've been on these streets way too long
Baby I've been on this too long

Cause getting faded too long
Got me on this rolling stone
So I take another hit
k** another serotone
With a hand full of beans
And a chest full of weed
Got me singing bout a b**h
While I'm blowing out my steam
Yeah I know I got my issues
Why you think I f**in' flow?
And I'mma keep on smoking 'til I can't hit another note
Ohhhh but until then


[Verse 3: Frank Ocean]
She singing b**h I'm paid, that's all I gotta say, I'm like who knew?
That after all the years I'd make a Weezy fan out of you too
When I met you, you were Thom Yorke, Chris Martin and U2
When you met me I was Three 6, Pimp C, Bun B, 8-Ball and MJG, yeah
But we're both a long way from home
We got the windows down, the radio's on, always
I wrote a letter to the sky saying maybe one day you'll get to kiss me
My girl found it in the car and said baby why you trying to diss me?
Cause you know you're my baby, you know you're my baby, ooh
I'm not just in it for the pride, in it for the ride, yeah


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