All Huey Mack Songs

Songs In album
11:11 Things Change
3 Months -
9-5 Pretending Perfection
A Boy Named Hue A Boy Named Hue
A boy named hue (produced by smka) -
About Us A Boy Named Hue
About us (produced by cj luzi) -
Adderall Thoughts -
Adderall Thoughts Pt. 2 -
After You Things Change
All Night Things Change
Amazing Pretending Perfection
Back Again -
Back On My Bullsh** Things Change
Be Alright Pretending Perfection
Believe Pretending Perfection
Better me The Longest Year Of My Life
Better on Paper -
Better on Paper -
Bns -
Boomerang -
Buzzk** (Luke Bryan Remix) -
By Your Side A Boy Named Hue
Call Me Maybe (Remix) -
Celebrity Things Change
Charlotte Pretending Perfection
Cheap Sungla**es - RAC Remix -
Clarity (Remix) -
Clique -
Closer (Huey Mack Remix) -
Closing Freshman 15
Come & Get It (Huey Mack Remix) None
Come and Get it (Selena Gomez Remix) None
Come For Wild Winter EP
Country Roads Pretending Perfection
Crazy Kids (Ke$ha Remix) #HueSummer
Cruella De Vil Pretending Perfection
Dickhead -
Dirty Laundry A Boy Named Hue
Do Well A Boy Named Hue
Don't You Worry Child (Remix) -
Drunk When I Wake Up (Remix) -
f** Me Baby (Call Me Maybe Remix) -
Favorite Song Things Change
Feelings And Liquor -
Fireworks Remix Wish Me Luck
Funeral * Things Change
Good For Me Pretending Perfection
Goodbye A Boy Named Hue
Hangover -
Hangover (Remix) * -
Hate Me Things Change
High Off Life Pretending Perfection
Higher A Boy Named Hue
Higher (Produced By Big Jerm) -
Hope Solo -
How Did I Get Here -
Huey Mack - To Be Young and Alive Freshman 15
I Need To Know Things Change
I Want It All A Boy Named Hue
I Want Some Wild Winter
Just Me Freshman 15
Just Wanna Live Pretending Perfection
Last Time A Boy Named Hue
Live It Up Bright Lights And Long Nights
Looking at the sky Freshman 15
Looking at the skyy -
Maybe I Do -
Meant For Us Freshman 15
Middle Finger Music A Boy Named Hue
Money, Cars and b**hes Freshman 15
Mutual Things Change
My Soul ('Save Rock And Roll' Remix) -
Nights Like These #HueSummer
Nights We Live For A Boy Named Hue
Nightstand -
No Hesitation #HueSummer
Not A Story A Boy Named Hue
Nothing Back A Boy Named Hue
On & On (Remix) -
Playboy Bunny -
Popular Bright Lights And Long Nights
Pretending Perfection Pretending Perfection
Pretending Perfection (Intro) Pretending Perfection
Real Me Pretending Perfection
Red Handed (Remix) -
School -
Settle Down -
Suntan -
Syllabus Week Freshman 15
Take It All Back Pretending Perfection
The Chainsmokers feat. Halsey - Closer (Huey Mack Remix) -
The Times A Boy Named Hue
There For You -
Things Change Things Change
This is How We Do It Remix -
Tiring Game Wild Winter
We Ain't Lookin' Things Change
We Don't Care -
West Virginia to Worldwide Things Change
You Again Things Change
You're a Star -
Young Love -