All Felly Songs

Songs In album
1UP -
2 Soon* Wild Strawberries
2:17 -
7 Planets Come As You Are
7th King This sh** Comes In Waves
8:20 -
Above Water* Wild Strawberries
Ali -
All -
All Gon' Be Straight Waking Up To Sirens
All I Need* Wild Strawberries
All Love -
All You Need Restless
Allequash -
Baby Boy Wild Strawberries
Bag Season* Waking Up To Sirens
Birth-Giving Music Waking Up To Sirens
Black Van Young Fel 2
Blue Velour Young Fel
Bones Young Fel 2
Bout My Life Waking Up To Sirens
Brick In The Wall -
Bring Me My Money* Wild Strawberries
Business Young Fel
Candy Flip -
Cella Milk & Sugar
Cheap Cheap -
Chicago Nights Young Fel
Cloud Hopping -
Club Bang This sh** Comes In Waves
Come Around Ma Young Fel
Come On* Young Fel 2
Contradictions -
Current -
Darkest Motives* Wild Strawberries
Delta d**hbus To Zion New Flavors
Desert Eagle Young Fel
Desert Eagle (feat. GYYPS) Young Fel
Die B4 U Do* Wild Strawberries
Different -
Dirty Pockets Waking Up To Sirens
Disney Milk & Sugar
Disney (feat. Gyyps) Milk & Sugar
Don't Change This sh** Comes In Waves
Dream State -
Easy Young Fel 2
Empty Young Fel 2
Endo -
Everybody Loves You -
Eyes Milk & Sugar
Fabrics Waking Up To Sirens
Feel the Bern -
Feelin' Right (Prod. Felly) -
Field to the Bull Restless
Fight The Feeling* -
Fire Island (I'm just sayin') -
Fire Out Back* Young Fel 2
First Things First* Wild Strawberries
Footprints -
For Sure -
Fresh Water Young Fel 2
GAS! -
Good Wine -
Goodmorning -
Gorilla This sh** Comes In Waves
Heaven on Lock -
Hold You Down -
Horchata (Waves) This sh** Comes In Waves
Hotel Room New Flavors
Hypocrite -
I Luh You Doe -
I Really Need It Young Fel
I Stayed Home All Day* Wild Strawberries
It's Cold -
Just The Start -
Kablooey Interlude -
Keep The Team Straight New Flavors
Keeping Dumb Square -
L's -
La La Young Fel 2
Leave in the Morning This sh** Comes In Waves
Love This sh** Comes In Waves
Love Me Anyways Young Fel 2
Low Low -
Lucy -
Miami -
Midnight* Young Fel 2
Milk & Sugar Milk & Sugar
Misconceptions of a Man -
Molliwhopped -
Morning Come As You Are
Night and Day -
Nightride* Young Fel 2
Oceans V2* Wild Strawberries
Open Door* Young Fel 2
Overdraft -
Panama Milk & Sugar
Plus Signs Restless
Pot Of Gold Young Fel 2
Pricey Milk & Sugar
Probation Milk & Sugar
Pump Up the Jam -
Pupil's Rant -
Realist -
Revolution -
Reyn Spooner Milk & Sugar
Rich and Lonely People -
Rollin Rollin (remix) -
Rollin' Rollin' Restless
Roots (Breakin' Branches II) -
Roots II -
School Spirit -
Schoolzones Milk & Sugar
Shadows of da Gods This sh** Comes In Waves
She Came & She Go* Wild Strawberries
She Come / She Go* Wild Strawberries
Shorty* Wild Strawberries
Shoulda Known Better -
Slip Waking Up To Sirens
Smile -
So Cold Restless
Splurge (Prod. Jay Dee) Restless
Still Young Young Fel 2
Stop, Drop, Roll -
Sun and Good Loving -
Sun Dance This sh** Comes In Waves
SunGod (SunDance remix Prod.By Felly) -
Sunlief -
Tell Me Milk & Sugar
Tell Me feat. Ari Lennox Milk & Sugar
The Little Pleasures -
The Real -
This is a Rose* Wild Strawberries
This sh** Comes in Waves This sh** Comes In Waves
Three on a Dutch -
Timeline -
Top of the Earth Milk & Sugar
Trap sh** Come As You Are
Truth Restless
Waiting On The Sunrise -
Wavy (Prod. Felly) -
What I Do -
What We Do Restless
White This sh** Comes In Waves
Wide Angle* Wild Strawberries
Winse -
You Already Know -
Yours Truly Restless
Yuengling -