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Not wanting to take the traditional methods of generic d**h metal that everyone's heard a million times since Napalm d**h's "Scum, " Germany's Darkseed take a more unconventional song writing method that aims more towards the gothic experimental route. Showing off this talent on their first two demo's "Sharing The Grave" (1992) and "Darksome Thoughts" (1993), Serenades Records picked Darkseed up and released their first full-length "Midnight Solemnly Dance" in 1996. Nuclear Blast immediately caught up with the band and quickly followed through with their second release Spellcraft a year later. Unfortunately with underground success came the price of several line up changes that resulted in Darkseed's year long hiatus. With things finally settling in with Stefan Hertrich (vocals), Willy Wurm (drums), Rico Calvagno (ba**), Thomas Herrmann (guitar) and Tom Gilcher (guitar), their third album "Give Me Light" came out in 1999. Diving Into Darkness followed a year later.~ Mike DaRonco, All Music Guide

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