All Darkseed Songs

Songs In album
A Charm For Sound Sleeping Romantic Tales
A Dream Recalled On Waking Romantic Tales
A Dual Pact Poison Awaits
Above The Edge Of Doom Romantic Tales
All Is Vanity Poison Awaits
Atoned For Cries Romantic Tales
Autumn Diving Into Darkness
Band Members -
Be Ever Heard Spellcraft
Biting Cold Ultimate Darkness
Black Throne Poison Awaits
Can't Explain Astral Adventures
Can't Find You Diving Into Darkness
Chariot Wheels Midnight Solemnly Dance
Cold Give Me Light
Cold Under Water Diving Into Darkness
Cosmic Shining Give Me Light
Counting Moments Diving Into Darkness
Craft Her Spell Spellcraft
Dancing With The Lion Give Me Light
Desire Give Me Light
Disbeliever Ultimate Darkness
Downwards Diving Into Darkness
Dream Recalled On Waking Romantic Tales
Dying Land Astral Adventures
Echoes Of Tomorrow Give Me Light
Echoes Of Tomorrow (Acoustic) -
Endless Night Ultimate Darkness
Every Day Astral Adventures
Fall Whatever Falls Spellcraft
Fly Into The Night Astral Adventures
Flying Together Give Me Light
Follow Me Ultimate Darkness
Forever Darkness Diving Into Darkness
Forever Stay Astral Adventures
Forgetfulness Midnight Solemnly Dance
Frozen Tears Romantic Tales
Fusion Give Me Light
Give Me Light Give Me Light
Hear Me Astral Adventures
Hold Me Ultimate Darkness
Hopelessness Diving Into Darkness
I Deny You Diving Into Darkness
I Turn To You Ultimate Darkness
In Broken Images Romantic Tales
Incinerate Poison Awaits
It Shall End Astral Adventures
Journey To The Spirit World Give Me Light
King In The Sun -
Last Dream Romantic Tales
Left Alone -
Life Astral Adventures
Like To A Silver Bow Midnight Solemnly Dance
Love's Heavy Burden Midnight Solemnly Dance
Luctu Perditus Romantic Tales
Lysander Midnight Solemnly Dance
Many Wills Diving Into Darkness
My Burden Ultimate Darkness
My Worldly Task Is Done Midnight Solemnly Dance
Nevermight Spellcraft
Next To Nothing Ultimate Darkness
Night Mislead Midnight Solemnly Dance
No Promise In The Heavens Poison Awaits
Paint It Black -
Poison Awaits Poison Awaits
Poison Awaits (2010) * Poison Awaits
Rain Diving Into Darkness
Rain Of Revival Astral Adventures
Roads Poison Awaits
Save Me Ultimate Darkness
Seeds of Sorrow Poison Awaits
Self Pity Sick Spellcraft
Senca Spellcraft
Sleep Sleep Sweetheart Ultimate Darkness
Souls Unite Astral Adventures
Speak Silence Ultimate Darkness
Spiral Of Mystery Give Me Light
Spirits Spellcraft
Sprial Of Mystery Give Me Light
Striving For Fire Poison Awaits
That k**s My Heart Spellcraft
The Bolt Of Cupid Fell Midnight Solemnly Dance
The Bolt Of Cupid Felt -
The Dark One Ultimate Darkness
The Fall Ultimate Darkness
The Sealing Day Midnight Solemnly Dance
Timeless Skies Poison Awaits
Torn To Shatters Poison Awaits
Ultimate Darkness Ultimate Darkness
Waiting Astral Adventures
Walk In Me Spellcraft
Watchful Spirit's Care Midnight Solemny Dance
Where Will I Go Astral Adventures
Winter Noon Midnight Solemnly Dance
Witchful Spirit's Care Midnight Solemnly Dance
You Will Come Spellcraft