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Austria's Cadaverous Condition formed in the early '90s and promptly threw its lot into the then-booming doom/d**h metal movement. Featuring vocalist Wolfgang Weiss, guitarist Rene Kramer, ba**ist Peter Droneberger, and his drummer sibling, Paul Droneberger, the band's aptly named first album, In Melancholy, was released in 1993, and was soon followed by 1995's equally depressive "For Love" I Said. Also in 1995, the band decided to follow a popular trend among Germanic metal bands of the day by recording a cover version of a German new wave hit from the 80s, in this case, "Eisbaer" by the new romantic group Groovezone. Ba**ist Peter quit the band around this time and a new guitarist named Jurgen Weinhofer was brought in for the recording of 1997's Tryst -- a split CD with underground psychedelic composer Todd Dillingham. Cadaverous Condition then went on sabbatical so as to collaborate with other artists and try out offbeat projects, including a session with a full orchestra in an abandoned Austrian castle. Come 1999, a new permanent ba**ist had been found in Manfred Paul Bayer, and after compiling a ca**ette-only best-of set entitled Nostalgia (Diary 1990-1999), Cadaverous Condition finally returned to full activity with 2001's The Lesser Travelled Seas, which proved that the band's strange collision between ambient sounds and d**hly grinds remained intact. ~ Ed Rivadavia, All Music Guide

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