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Zoocci Coke Dope - All Night Long lyrics

Feat : A-Reece

Yeah it gets me everytime. Sometimes is so easy not to read the fucken science yeah
they should have known I'm destined for this since I was a child yeah
all I need is my swashi roodie give me back a line yeah
these niggas get tasty when you cannot tell a lie yeah
I know everything she's doing is clearly out of spike yeah
but it never gets to me it always slips my mind yeah
yeah, yeah, yeah.
I see pesty pushi when I smoke
I don't go
in my cigar relo jeso I got to stay with the flow
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smoke until I tow
what's the bow
I'm a gold you are a flu and you know.
Sometimes I wonder how it would be in the game, without me
I'm a conspiracy cauz of me they don't see
kick the door when it was down
now I'm back and on my feet
is this sorry
is this sure
should you boys make a league.

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