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ZDoggMD - Friends With Low Platelets lyrics

Blame it all on my labs
These bruises and scabs
Is it normal to bleed when I floss?
I was the last one to know
What my CBC showed
Why's my stool look like BBQ sauce?

Ain't got no PCP
So I checked WebMD
And I nearly stroked out as I read
So I went online and googled others to find
This support group instead!

Now I've got friends with low platelets
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Where the nosebleeds flow and prednisone chases
My bruise away…
Is my spleen okay?
Oh, I'm not big on thrombopoiesis
Think I'll skip on down to plasmapheresis
Cause I got friends…with low platelets

Now I've got friends with low platelets
Where the prednisone causes moon facies
And purple striae
Is my pee ok?
Now my spleen's big on sequestration
Gonna send it on permanent vacation
‘Cause I gotta end these low platelets

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