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ZAYNE Da Knight - Bombaye lyrics

Verse one (BILLZ)
Look at the things I do for yah
I think I'll loose my life for yah (ah)
Look how I went away from yah
Hoping I'll get close to yah
This are the things I do for love
I heard dumb things to say bout love
Patience trusting strangers
I heard dumb things to say bout love
With distance I'll go find her
But I guess is now or you my love
With distance I scroll over
This could be a boomaren
If that so

Hook (ZAYNE)
Me like the way u make dah booty Bounce for me
Is like I'm sitting in a time ship
Rewinding time when u whr doing tht jazzy dance for me baby
Oh gal be my bombaye

Verse two (ZAYNE)
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Mona Lisa she like the jokes bout Lagos that why she ma Emely
Fuck the frienemy
We got energy together
Girl be mine forever nd ever (yeah)
Girl u know I care
I wanna show love with u ma dear
So (u know x3) u mine
I wanna show people who's bombaye


Verse three (EmdeeKay)
Me no want no guru guru
Wanna watch when you shake dah big booty
Oh baby can you give me some more
Au funi uk'lokothela samboko
Baby there ain't no two bopo
Me no want no guru guru this nigga aint getting my bobonono
Me I strike me I'm like top dog
Baby I ain't got no flop
Me no want no guru guru
Baby why when you shake it shake it on me I reach top levels that I gone feel my heart go skipping skipping a beat
Baby why when I break it break it in to reach top levels mommy dont scream keep on shake it shake it on me

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