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Yxng Bane - Love O's Interlude (YxneBane Cover) lyrics

Yeah [x8]
She wanna ride with me, get high with me
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

[Verse: Camzino]

Smoke away all them feelings baby
So we roll one up to my music baby
Then you tell me how we haven't spoken in time
But girl we're here right now, so take all that stress off your mind

I'm tryna do you like them other bruddas didn't baby you just gotta feel it

Got you alone till the morning so, I'mma turn my phone off till we're finished

Your daddy still thinking you're a good girl, he don't know your limits but you don't know them either, you been talking hella reckless till I hit it

Distant, oh we've been so distant
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Promise that I'm staying in your life, You ain't with me for the hype, Girl you different

And I appreciate you, all the things that we did I could never hate you
And I been talking crazy
All these songs that I sing I been hella faded

But now I got you all alone, so I'll put down my phone when we're finished with the smoke
Got you on my bed and now you backing off your clothes
Then you move up in position, you been fiending for the work
Then I make you say "woah!"

L.O.V.E O's
We smoked the O's straight outta love
L.O.V.E O's

O's, yeah yeah [x4]

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