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Yungshu - Blow lyrics

yungshu came in clean like I got washed up downy
Yo bitch lookin for me like a nigga gotta bounty
I fucked her then I left her now she on my line pouting
she say I'm the man but her nigga steady doubting
all my time is money make a hunnid ever hour
she say I'm a dog but she know I'm not a coward
white diamonds look like flour
boy I'm higher then a tour
what I'm Rollin very sour
I want money and the power
niggas in the bench but in ballin non stop goin up while you flop
goin up to the top
you cuffin hoes like a cop but she gave me top
boy you need to not
tieing all these knots
most these hoes be thots
but then again me and you to different men
couldn't call yo folks my kin
smoking as like I'm in denver
free burr
can't do 1 bitch I need 4
I count cash until snore
it's straight blue hunnids to the core

blow the cash like a ceiling fan
spend the guap and i get it again
blow the cash like a ceiling fan
juugin and finessin boy you not my friend x2
juug x5
blow the case like a ceiling fan
juugin and finessin I'm at it again
blow he cash like a ceiling fan
spend the guap and I get it again

verse 2:
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swish, I can't miss
what you want want a Vick?
I just want top don't touch my lips
got hoes and money like a pimp
they looking at me like a blimp,
3 gram my blunt while you're look skimp
Yung Shu ballin like Matt kemp
any rules I'm exempt
do what I want you gotta know it,l
switched the swag y'all tried to stole it
I mean steal it
double seal it
can you feel it
used to deal it
said forget it
can't be broke I had to get it
niggas know i move Lowkey
niggas know I shoot for 3
big racks what I want on me
eyes Chinese can't even see
DJ Khaled wit they keys
it's the one and only me
still cannot do shit for free
guess how much just for these jeans
juugin juugin with the beans
better duck you see that beam
I can tell you that not lean
you not fye just cause the preme
she treat yungshu like king
running shit like I'm a dean
s/o to my fucking team
she dubbed me at age 16
now she want me like a feign


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