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Yungshu - Anything lyrics

Anything you Can do I can do better
I'm fresh as hell it don't matter the weather
how many you want because i got several
She asked me when Imma call I said never
Don't even wanna undress her
Just top like a header
Money stacked up like a dresser
I met her, I text her, I sex her, I next her

Anything you can do I can do better x4
wanna talk ice?
wanna talk green?
How much it cost?
For me it was free

Anything you can do I can do better
Ballin so hard need a letter
I just cashed out on a sweater
you know that id never sweat her
Might act like I never met her

girl it's Yung Shu how feeling
Made her use that head like decision
cut me my check like division
Posted wit killers like a prison
I know y'all snakes cause y'all hissin YungShu I ball like piston

just like Reggie Jackson
finesse you, act like it ain't happen
I got more tree than a cabin
YungShu I'm fly like Aladdin
And my girl look like jasmine
Yung Nigga and my pants saggin
And my chain swanging
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Bitch it's YungShu And I'm famous
Everybody love me just like Raymond
I got that cream like a Danish
All of my time need some payment
I put that bitch on a wait list
I do what I want and they hate it

bitch it's YungShu
I don't have to trap
But really I can
if I need the bands
gimme the pot
gimme the seran
I wanna rari and I wanna lamb
I don't want the bitch if the bitch is too bland
i got that pack like the country wit Stan
I used to eat Viennas out the can

i cannot stop
till I cop the coupe
till drop a roof
till cop a roof
yeah I'm a dog but yung shu don't roof
Cash in my hand I make that shit poof
smoking on gas my eyes is the proof
All in her mouth like I'm fixing a tooth
i ain't no dentist you know it's Yung Shu
I got gas like pump 2
it is no way I could lose
they see me and look so confused
they like damn how he did that
like I pulled it out a hat
i might just pull out them racks
I might just pull out the stacks
Driving real fast like a track


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