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Yungshu - Another! lyrics

I got another nigga bitch in my whip
riding round in the bity boy it's lit
imma dog Imma dog like a pit
crossed yo chick off the list cause I hit
poured the vis in the Sprite like I'm sick
2 doors all these whores can't fit
I gotta pick like which chick
I think imma get that watch that don't tick

Chasing this dough
chasing this cash
living life fast
sharp as a glass
you had one task
you had one job
new phone who this
don't know who called
oops I meant ball
money stacked tall
you know I ball
burberry draws
polo my shirt
take yo main bitch
I know it hurt
she wanna flirt
reaching my hand under her skirt
hope in my whip
you know I skrtt
smokin gas made me cough
made it home yeah
Shawty gimme dome yeah
she keep blowin up my phone
I'm like Whatchu want
Y'all don't really wanna issue
she gone blow me like a tissue
smash pass and I dismiss you
ain't gone miss you Imma hit you
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ill leave you where you standing
ill leave a nigga stranded
takin off don't plan on landing
I'm up next and you can't stand it
I'm same the nigga that I always been
I'm the same nigga that's gone always win
everywhere I go my brothers with me just like twins
where do I begin
all my niggas kin
my bitch a foreign Barbie, I'm the black ken
I know right from wrong but I can't help but sin
runnin to the bens
gotta buy my mom that Benz
boy it's in my blood
boy it's in my skin
got it out the mud
24k my slugs
breaking down some bud
yo bitch wanna hug
she can't get no love
no love for a Thot
Shawty Whatchu thought
Shawty gimme top
why I gotta ask
imma do the dash
racing to the cash
first and never last
being broke the past

I could never be a lame like the rest
Shawty know my whole team like the ref
you ain't right the you get left x2

boy don't hit my phone, unless it's bout that check

all about them figures
I Dress better than yo nigga
Almighty my bro for him i swear I'll pull them triggers


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