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Yung Carter - Typa Way lyrics

[Intro: Lil Wayne]
My n***as been stuntin' since way back when
CNN, I got news for you haters
I'm a nasty a** n***a, ask your b**h, I ain't lying
69, that's a favor for a favor

[Bridge: Lil Wayne]
Them hoes bitin' they lip, cause when I say sh** like that she feel some type of way
I hit it from the front, from the side, from the back, I hit it all type of ways
She throw it at me like I'm just one strike away
Sometimes life is hard to swallow, but she like to taste
Ding-ding-ding-ding-ding my lawyer fight the case
I got them flowers in me, I feel like a vase
Monsters in my closet no more closet space
n***as want to be this fly, too many flights to take

[Verse 1: Lil Wayne]
Enough with the small talk, my girl p**y is a water-park
Every little thing I do turn her on; that's autostart
I kiss every single body part, her body is a work of art
I'm way too high, her skirt too short, I think I love her, it was just a thought
I pop up in that coupe 'bout to go back to the future
And she said, "Tune, not in my mouth," damn you should've said it sooner
I be sh**tin' on these n***as, like I'm sippin' Metamucil
And we smokin' on that gas, pa** it like "excuse you"
And it's 6-6-2's Piru all day, my n***a
Before these n***as play with us, they'll play dead, my n***a
And if you lookin' for me, I'll be on these b**hes' mind
These n***as chicken and I've never seen a chicken fly
My b**h been fussin' at me about nothin'
Ain't no tellin' what she'd do if I replace her
Like bae, I'm straight, there's plenty fish and I'm bait
We can't even have a decent conversation

[Verse 2: Lil Wayne]
I pop the seal on my sip and she be like, "See, you gon' drink your life away"
b**h it's my life, my life, my life shout out Mary J
And tell them boys that beef tastes like a slice of cake
And old folks get shot too, they write down license plates
I hope that ho don't call sayin' her cycle late
All this f**ing gotta stop, but I need tighter brakes
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And don't run from this dick girl, I don't like to chase
I wax that a**, she make that Mr. Miyagi face
And she ain't all that pretty, but I like her shape
They say numbers don't lie, she shaped like a 8
She say she ain't no dyke, but she gon' dyke today
It's curtains for these n***as I feel like some drapes.
We turnt up n***as, burnt up, stop the microwave
This sh** might cost us our life, but that's the price we pay
I'm hotter than the peppers Peter Piper ate
This that Dedication 5, whattup 5?

[Verse 3: T.I.]
Ay Tune' I gotta turn up on the D5 man!
Hustle Gang, bang, green mean, anybody get it
Anything we'll do for the paper
And we live this sh**, talk slick get k**'t
Got nothin' but a tool for a hater (Spent 100K on my wrist n***a!)
This flooded rollie make you feel some type of way (I know it do!)
Your ho be on me, know you feel some type of way (I take your ho!)
The car I'm drivin' make you feel some type of way (They can't afford this n***a!)
The cash I gettin' make you feel some type of way (Bankrolls-R-Us!)
This type of way, know you feel some type of way (Hustle Gang my n***a!)
That sh** ain't hot, we out here poppin' that's all I can say (G.D.O.D!)
My only problem is tryin' to decide what I'mma drive today (Hustle Gang my n***a!)
We shine all in they face, I know they feel some type of way
I wake up in a multi-million dollar crib get dressed I plan on having a nicer day
When these punk a** rappers keep my name in they mouth, like they some type of gay
You know me dog, so watch what you say (You better watch your mouth!)
We ain't playing no games with your lame a** n***a, f**boy you can die today (I swear you can!)
I keep a chopper in my backseat, actually it's my Glock partner (My Glock, partner!)
Play crazy if you want to, f** around and get shot partner (Get shot partner!)
I don't like these n***as, and really f** these n***as
Talk crazy in ya raps if you want, when you see me you won't touch me n***a! (Won't touch me n***as!)
Ball all around in my flip flop, you think TIP soft? Well then why don't you try me
If you really gon' be dramatic, we gon' to need some music, they queuein' the violin
I'm talking slow singing, flower bringing
Empty a clip in you earing, and you chest thing, and you out the door
This flooded rollie make you feel some type of way (I know it do!)
Your ho be on me, know you feel some type of way (I take your ho!)
The car I'm driving make you feel some type of way (They can't afford this n***a!)
The cash I get it make you feel some type of way (Bankrolls-R-Us!)

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