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Yung Carter - Investments lyrics

They say the smartest thing you can do is sign yourself, so I did it
And that might of been the best thing I ever did

I got a bank like an investor, I'm a CEO the game
And they hate cuz I'm successful, for myself I made a name
n***as said that they would help you but they really all the same
And I finally realized that these n***as just want to see me down
Want to see me fall, want to see me down and f**ed up
Hope to God I'm dead and locked up, want to see me down
Want to see me fall, want to see me down and f**ed up
Prayin' to God I'm dead and locked up

[Verse 1]
Hate cuz I'm successful, pray bcuz I'm that n***a
These b**hes tryna cherish they moments so they taking pictures
Had to get a young f** n***a straight but I can't say the issue
I'm so hungry for a plate that I ate the grissel
I earned my black shirt and white stripes to make it official
And I made yo a** famous I hate that I dissed you
Don't play with that pistol if you ain't gon' use it ho
And I signed myself, pound sign music flow

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[Verse 2]
I did 15 months off in Dekalb and I ain't never goin' back
I swear yall don't the half about me
I kiss my mama, hug my dad
And say my prayers and tuck my gat
I swear yall don't know the half about me
I got blessed bcuz I never had sh**
And got wrecked from staying out of Second
I got head from a b**h named Sandy
And forgot everything shoutout to the Xanex
These n***as pure p**y, I see it in they faces
Buckin' on these n***as like I'm smoking weed on probation
Don't ask me if I'm with them, I be with them Haitians
And I'm fresh as hell number 3 in the nation
Everybody got the beat oh my god he crazy
I'm still goin' crazy, that's just bad business
Need I past tense it, I already did it
Make my young n***as take that, like I f** with Diddy
You rather f** ugly hoes for a pretty penny
Meanwhile I'm still goin' in on these b**h n***as


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