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Yung Booke - Trappin Out The Uber lyrics

[Produced by Chapo]

I'm just riding round [?] in the city
Back seat with OG gas in [?]
Got a shooter with me who I know will never tell
[?] maneuver, 12 don't know who moving
Cause I'm trapping out an Uber
I'm trapping out an Uber
I'm trapping out the Uber
I'm trapping out an Uber
Yeah, yeah

[Verse 1]
Trapping out the Uber, in these Chanel [?]
This sh** I'm kicking, 40 clip extended
Crusing through the city, got a shooter with me
n***a owe me money, I'm pulling up to get it
Ever f** a [?], I'm just [?]
When I feel like riding dirty Uber pull up in a second
In the back seat weighing grams where you can catch me
On Instagram flexing, ice on Wayne Gretsky
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Hit the block, make a sale, dodging 12, dirty scale
Trap smart, never fail, satisfy your clientele
We be pouring, strong gas, Hulk Hogan, second [?]
Slow motion, hope the driver know where he going


[Verse 2]
Trapping out the Uber, and I'mma tip the driver
Smoke Gotti in Chicago, he give no f**s about it
I'm from 50 dollars, ride that [?] like 20 thousand
He won't pull up in that hood he say my youngin watching
Finesse you out [?], wipe a n***a's nose
Come in this b**h feeling like Pac, you can picture me rolling
[?] fully loaded, ride round extra dirty
Geeked up, feeling nerdy, the Rolex cost a 30
I just rolled through your hood and I didn't see you in it
[?] told me go get the money, I did in 30 minutes
I might pay Uber to drive to Cali, hop out in [?]
Just to say I did it, that [?] might cost a ticket


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