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Yung Booke - Real As It Gets lyrics

[Produced by Habib]

[Verse 1 – Yung Booke]
I'm running with them same young n***as from back in 08
Ain't tryna let me in, got my foot in the doorway
They say get em [?] but we O Tay
k** sh**, OJ, now here go a court case
Gang in this b**h, sh** getting heavy
Freaky in the cut, got their eyes on your necklace
Pop quiz how I'm coming to check sh**
If you not an uno then it's time to exit
Flexing, my Rolex gone cut me a quarter
Diamond clear water, n***a's life getting shorter
Coming from where the block [?]
Go and get the money, nobody gone do it for you
Her boss [?] team, is it true or nah
Who gone be there when the shots go to popping off
A little poodle ain't never scared of big dogs
Want my money colossal, like [?]
It's grind the cash, run it fast
f** around get mad hat while the [?]
I'm sipping syrup, doing the mail
Popping Percs, I might take two in the head
Two minutes, [?] on the phone when I'm whipping
Every clip in this spot be extended
Ask about me in the street, I'm really in it
That's as real as it gets
[Hook – Yung Booke]
That's real as it gets, that's real as it gets, that's real as it gets
That's real as it gets, that's real as it gets
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I lifted my n***as, I hope they won't switch
That's real as it gets
Diamonds they cover my neck and my wrist
That's real as it gets, that's real as it gets
Fishtail the whip, that's real as it gets
Hop out and unload a clip, that's real as it gets
Life is a b**h, that's real as it gets
That's real as it gets, that's real as it gets

[Verse 2 – Curtis Williams]
Two cribs in this one dutch
Two shots in this one cup
Smoking good, n***a roll it up
Tryna match our sh**, try your luck
Stuffed an 8th in my wrap
Pockets stuffed with them stacks
Spent it all and made it back
Smoke an ounce, flick an ash
Take all my blunts to the face
Stop wasting time, it's just time to get bank
Keep em prerolled every day so I'm straight
Just twisted yours, well my n***a you late
I'mma smoke this blunt while I roll this blunt
I'mma f** this ho while I f** this slut
Talking real n***a, been 100
Eyes red, you can tell I'm blunted
Know these f** n***a see I'm stunting
f** n***as mad a n***a stunting


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