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YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Bottom lyrics

Feat : Ugly God

Ayy, I work for this shit like everyday
I just want them M's and I know they on the way
If you ain't talking money get up out my face
And I'm with it 'bout my money I won't play
And I know they really wanna see me quit
'cause I'm walkin' 'round looking like a lick
And your mad 'cause my jewelry cost a brick
When I'm really on all I need is open six
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[Verse 1: Ugly God]
Ayy, diamonds on my chain, make you feel some type of way
Talk down on my name you might lose your life today
Keep it sticky, huh, gave his bitch a hickey, huh
I pull up with the pump, up it like he Ricky, huh
Nigga's shitty, huh, smoke 'em like a hippie, huh
I pull up with the glizzy, up it in a jiffy, huh
I pull up on yo bitty she just want a quickie, huh
But I just want that top, you can keep that kitty, huh. (keep that, keep that)

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