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Young Trriiga - The Lane lyrics

Feat : Mcduna Havana

Hook/chorus: Mcduna

I do poses like a vampire
Im just poking on my bae's pie
You is old you is looking like a vampire
If you force me i will strike with my empire
Thunder strikes it got sounds like grrrphaa!
this sh** pains like some f**ing vapor
See me stupid sound like im in labour
b**hes trynna make me happy like they my neighbors


My flow is sick i think i need a doctor but your flow just s**s call the trashmaster
My flow is dope, it got the soap and you cant compete cause you aint got no hope
You wanna reach me man you gotta hop
Most of these n***as just call me a dick
But funny how b**hes callme for dick
They wanna lick cause mysh** is so lit
Take her to bed man i swear she wont leave
Some of you n***as a stupidly talking and still selling souls
n***a , n***a me got the sauce
Let me not strike cause wide are my jaws
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Lammies been mumbling like babies, they looking like david but still got the juice
Some of you f**ers are rubbing on my lane you trynna tell me sh** but still you shut loose
Haters so stupid they trynna tune me down but still overdose
That f**in' phat a** on my bae she looking like nikky but no illuminati so i gave her the rose
I did some business so buck in her pockets now qava the shoe


Verse2:Young Trriiga

Its a mixture of things especially a lane i face
Man this was unexpected ,told myself i had to be braced
And these n***as want features,flexed on em' and they was amazed
And my dark side unleashed cause yeah i been goin through a phase
I was trynna balance the music and school so i been occupied
Writting bars on a daily we workin trynna excersice
And they way that i'm flowin kinda looks like im hipnotyesed
I just went through a lane man sh** was so agonizing
I got on a track with mcduna i need some exposure
A lotta sh** happening man i need to stay focused
And as im scripting my bars improving i put more emotion
And if i wanna surppa** these n***as then ima need more devotion


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