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Young Thug - .Wav Radio Freestyle lyrics

[Verse 1: Travis Scott]
It's after 5
9 A.M. on a ride, 9 A.M. on a glide
9 A.M. slipe and slide, Miami 305
Way, who down the way?
Who down the way?
It's Part 2 of the .WAV freestyle
Part 2, .WAV
Still gettin' paid
Still gettin' laid
In the crib findin' shade
Birdman in the buildin', damn
The wheel made of damn steel, damn
Major, major
Jeffery you gotta grab the mic, Jeffery, we goin' up
Jeffery, yeah, let me, uh
Hectic, uh, bestie, uh
Slastie, uh, it's so rusty
Ooh yeah, oooh yeah

[Hook: Young Thug]
Don't pass me the mic
Don't pass me the mic
Don't pass me the mic
No I don't need the mic

[Verse 2: Lil Duke]
They want me to pop it off, I always shoot first
I don't need nobody, I'll give your ass the worst
Yee, body, put this sucka in a hearse
YSL we killin' shit [?]
They lookin' for me, the feds is watchin'
These niggas is talkin', just plottin'
Bitches be thottin'
They be suckin', these bitches be fuckin'
Don't give 'em nothin'
I give 'em the nuttin'
Fuck 'em and leave 'em, you know I can't cuff 'em
I'm not a busta
Bitch I got more rhymes than Busta
Ooh damn, look at my [?]
10 on my wrist is a busta, damn
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No Fake Watch Busta
You cannot fake watch Duke
Damn... oooh
I came out the street

Chattering + Laughter

[Verse 3]
Rollie overloaded, can't tell the time
Ain't cuffin' these bitches, just know they ain't mine
You bustas have no rhymes
Break a hoe, break down put it in the trap
Twist it up [?]
Diamonds shine like a lamp
Who next???

Word up

Damn, yeah, yeah
Better have my cash, I don't freestyle without paper
Fuck is you doin'? This money I'm pursuin'
I got her back ruined, bed fit two, ho
Sky rocket, the racks in my pocket
I cock it, I pop it, ain't never gon' stop it
I'm drippin', I'm saucin', I'm drippin', I'm flawless
I'm drippin', I'm saucin'..
Bleed, termite, I'm just sayin' the [?]
Yeah they want the curve right
They gave the pussy a bug bite
Ooh they got the eyes on him
And they got the pliers on him
Fuck 'round and slap [?]
Slap out the eyes on him
Yeah I got racks on me
And I got your wife with me
Yeah I got your wife, homie
Yeah, yeah

.WAV Radio, the freestyle way

[Outro: Travis Scott]
Yo man we got Birdman in the buildin', Quavo in the mothafuckin' buildin', Thugga in the buildin', Apple Music legends... damn bruh... can't even.... ayy but, you what? But that's crazy though like how they gon' stop you in the middle of sayin' names? How you gon' suggest a shoutout? Ayo I got Quavo in the buildin'... I ain't gon' say my name! Man I'm just gon' say that if that was me, I would shout myself out...
Man we got, we got Duke! We got Duke! Hold on, hit pause, man, hit pause, man. Yeah we got Duke in this motha. We got Duke, Duke, Duke and Duke. Then Trav, then Thug, (then Duke) then Duke (again), then Duke three more times, then Quavo (then Duke), then Duke, then Offset, then Duke, then Duke four more times, then Takeoff, then Duke. We gon' start back from the beginning, Duke again, then Birdman, not even me, it's Duke five more times, then me. Duke WAV Radio. New show, Duke WAV Radio!

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