Young Thug - Feel It lyrics

Feel It lyrics


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[Verse 1] I want that p**y in a Wraith I'm gon' make sure lil mama feel it Every eyeball that look at me, she wanna k** it We'll make love, it be happenin' like a sk**et (woo, woo) High up, [?].. your love, I want a feel it [?]... be down, down, you know that this dick ain't no clown You know that these b**hes, they clowns (clowns, hey) I f** that b**h good, I don't tease her n***a, that why she not leavin' (what?) And you know that I f** on that kush no Khalifa And I do this for my people (swea) Yeah, you know I've never met a girl like you (what) I'm lovin' every single curl about you Ooh, you know I would smoke the whole world, 'bout ya Put on my suit, go get my boots, I'll go to jail 'bout ya (let's go) You know who you will, lil baby stop playin', darlin', you know who you will You know who you will, man I'm so for real, I copped you a coupe baby, you're my chauffeur real (skrrt, skrrt) Man I am so for real these n***as be talkin', we buss' them, so for real (for real) I'm so geeked up on your lovin' I don't need no mollies no for real (for real) [?] p**y wet [?] I am the truth so don't ask I shoot up in [?] cla** [?] you say daddy (and what) [Hook] If that's your man, you better hold him down There she roll She held my little back, she was wit' it And she was pop'lar way before me Now that I'm popular, I'mma still be the old me (yeah) I swear to God she wanna feel it (yeah) When I do [?] make me feel it (yeah) I only hit it when I feel it (yeah) Yeah [Verse 2] Make me feel it (x4) I wanna feel it (x4) Baby, I'll give you head, give me s** Come in bed, I'm a pillow I hold her down [?] Juughead I'm dabbin', I'm dabbin', I'll hop in your car, and I'll smash it, I'll smash it [?] your hoe Trinidadian They look like they look [?] they addicts I'm pouring that purple that purple yeah that (lean lean) Yeah [?] so let's clash War ready, I'm goin' steady I f** with Keisha not [?] one for [?] I wanna f** you not tough you I said it I want that cat like [?] Listen, [?] She don't need no head imma help her She burn to keep us [?] Watch me tell em (WOOOOO) [Hook]

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