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Young Thug - Destroyed lyrics

Feat : MPA Duke & Birdman & Kevin Gates

She love came in my life and try destroy me
Ery time I lay eyes on her I just wanna f** her
Try to put my lil baby in here but she had an abortion
Even thow we love each other we can’t show emotion
Now she see me turned up now she lookin’ at a fortune
Every time I pull up some new I get an endorser
I’m try to go into her life but hers in her new porches
Marry her for why you did? I’m gon’ get divorced quick

No Austin Martin I come throw in Porches
Let down the roof I just had abortion
Come from the ghetto c**aine on my forces
Breaks on the pedal I’m speeches on forges
Can’t go to sleep when I’m behind the weal in the F and I’m gripping no slipping I’m sorry
Her mom will be telling me Kevin do better I’m tugging can’t help it I’m cautious

(Verse )
Bad chick lookin, don’t smile I don’t get tired
I just pull up lamb skin on the inside
Bee I been hurt, this sh** ain’t personal lean I be sipping just bought me a purse n all
Come dig this feeling of course there’s some things I can’t tell you about and you know how we lurking
Two in the morning while up in the pa**enger Kush in my lungs licking lips we be flirting
Toes by you knee caps look baby no swerving
You say I’m flyer then Julie is urging
Can’t fall in love I’m too scared you gonna hurt me
Go back to prison bebe you might deserve me grind hard in the trap but the Gluck be serving
Police pull us over no talking they searching
Arrogant swagger no lights camera action and foul us a fist if i said it on purpose


What’s brakin’? tired that rackin’
Round your head like a taller banner
Jury allow, ambulance, bird flyin’, Peter Pan
Who the man? I’m the man? (Who that?)
Stunner man, hundred banz in every pocket fam
Tripped and cramp
Designa crap, lost the cap with them crap cakes
Forty banz in the bavene
Chick comin’ and get on a dinner plate
Stomach fat cuz I already eat
Work the clock straight from eight to eight
Move that work like a landscape
No vacation it’s a petition
Half of bill and they still hatin’
Bird connect n***a from A to Z
And I can sing for ‘em bando
Big cash crap so they know not to play with me
I can sing ‘em all for your honor
All they gotta do is say a word, roll the dice on that curve
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When they pint right back, what you for?
I’ve be the Birdman but you heard


Pull up at the hammers and swatter
Swap bout some hate
I got hoers on different seasons
That’s why they change like a b**h
I’mma dinosaur, be in my place go to my phone it’s a get
Get naked just like the Angelo
Yeah you a lick
Baby girl know that girl get comfortable
On every givin’ day
She look hittable
I’mma fly for some bird on the
Yeah no days, no carnivals
Snoop Dog, well she’s bannerol
I’mma ninja like Ravio
Jim Joe tell the n***a I’m capio
And f** that p**y like snapo
Yea pop, pop that p**y
Marine call a whole lot of money and they cushin’
No treat me like no pent dupe cold and I’m trippin’
Have your head spinin’ for the mision’
You just caught my head with some bushes
Blow white paper no gets this
Get a n***a top and he won’t listen
I’ll shot that p**y cuz


I could never play with lil b**hes
If I f** her gotta pay the b**hes
Run up and then run up the digest
All the bills stay out four midges
Gotta come and know she a pidgesy
Tell her all the bills stay on life four midges
Gotta come and know she a pidgesy
Got a lot of holes and my sat be the religion
So now real low and I might just kiss her
_________(?) and might twist it
Pull up in that hasten, martin, fobby, sorry
You can’t even call, get my digest
She gorgeous
Came in my life and she try to destroy it
She so spook b**h, they found that face and I can’t ignore it
We got this thing together like down and get source
You gotta be gentle you can’t be so roaf


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