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Young Thug - 730 lyrics

[Intro: DJ Swamp Izzo]
Hey Quan, where you at?
Bring the money counter!
Thug's motherfuckin' hands hurtin'
Money done cut a nigga hand
Count too much
I'm sorry, we don't count it we weigh it
Rich Gang, Millions & Billions nigga
You digg?

[Verse 1: Young Thug]
These niggas ain't loyal they ridin' with royal
He play I'mma leave him on fire, boil
I'ma, I'ma, I'ma stunt the lil baby, yeah, spoiled
Fuck nigga cannot be blood, he might as well be royal, blue
Shoot up the coupe
Pull up in Audi's the carbon will smoke the fuck nigga like Snoop
Richie pass Thugga the boot, take off like a troop
Bloods are with me back in 21 gun salute
Everything come out your mouth is a fairy, no tooth
IPhones and Blackberries when I pull up and serve you
I might get gangster pull up to the set and murk too
Nine racks inside of my pockets same size as my shoes (damn)

[Bridge: Young Thug]
Still got yams, ya'll got grams
I fuck ma'ams, I fuck grams
Whoa, why so harsh?
Why so dark?
I got lotsa white, Bubba Sparxxx
Know your bang royal, high as Sequoia (whoa)
I got loaded, now I don't know you
Bitch I'm slime, king cobra
I drink sodas, no coke cola

[Hook: Young Thug]
7 30, 7 30
7 30, 7 30
7 30, 7 30
7 30 (go crazy, go crazy)
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I go, 7 30 (brazy)
I go, 70 30 (ooh I'm going brazy)
7 30
7 30, 7 30

[Verse 2: Young Thug]
I go 730 when I get the birdies
When I go 730 do not get discouraged
I go 730 even if you nerdy
I might go 730 if it's too perfect
Slime these lil bitches, I slime these lil niggas
I slime em, I slime em, I slime em all
I'mma still slime your ass out if its not percocets its just tylenol
I'mma slime your ass all by myself, I do not need no help at all (I'm blood)
Bitches and niggas gonna come and gonna go and I know how to deal with ya'll
Come and enroll to the YSL school and I swear I'm the principal
I do not care if you start from a dollar, it changes the principle
Send a lil bitch inside the boy trap, slime him for his utensils
And bring it back
Slatt, slatt, slatt, whoa

[Hook: Young Thug]
7 30, 7 30
7 30, 7 30
7 30, 7 30
7 30 (go crazy, go crazy)
I go, 7 30 (brazy)
I go, 70 30 (ooh I'm going brazy)
7 30
7 30, 7 30

[Outro: Young Thug]
Call up them crips and they goin' 630
Call up them bloods and they goin' 730
Call up them slimes and they goin' 730
Call up Rich Gang and they goin' 730
Call BMG and they goin' 730
Call YSL and they goin' 730
1,2,3,4,5,6 I go 730
Call up my crip partners, they goin' six-30
They go bix-30

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