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Young Thug - 36 lyrics

[Verse 1: Stackzz]
Real talk, true story, let me tell you a lil' something let me tell you a lil' something bout me
I ain't never had shit 'til a nigga start touching them, playing them, playing with keys
Made so much money, so much money can't believe that money on me
My choppers allergic to hate, fuck around that bitch 'gon spray
Chopper gon' put them in deep, I to the R to the T
My heart is so cold, it's below the zero and I keep it on freeze
Bitch nigga please I keep it real never fake, bands are getting made out of state
Behead 'em behead 'em, I got 'em I got 'em
Flow to the top from the bottom
I know why these niggas are hating, shoes are made of a gator
Designer all over my body, with drugs all in the [?]
Boss 'til I'm dead and I'm gone, king with the crown on the throne
It's 36 zips in a brick and I'm trapping this shit I can't leave it alone

[Hook: Stackzz]
36, 36, 36
36 zips in a brick and I'm trapping this shit I can't leave it alone
36, 36, 36
36 zips in a brick and I'm trapping this shit I can't leave it alone
I'm surrounded by so many things I cannot even miss

[Verse 2: Young Thug]
Andale, Andale, Andale
Young Bone n Thug, no harmony
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And I'm not a real falcon fan, but I see birds every sunday
Hey, Magic City Monday, no sofa my voice persuade
These bitches they bring me they digits, I fuck them and leave them in holes, no ditches
Sorry for the sin no city, I'm living like Dennis the Menace
She told me I treat her like she was locked up, I only give a couple [?]
Ooh I'm bleeding, need a bandana I'm too bool
Listen, In the kitchen with a hundred [?] revving revving revving like cyborg nigga
Like a black diamond running 'round looking like the fucking knight
Got a bitch with me, she not American but she my Idol
And I'ma beat that pussy, I'ma eat that pussy, I'ma cook that cinnamon [?]


[Verse 3: PeeWee Longway]
Thirty six up in the chicken, I make that bitch and I still flip up in the kitchen
Breaking my wrist when I whip it, I'm too legit for me to quit it
They labeled by types, it's stacked up in my fridge, I serve it to you water whipped
Open like shit is wrapped up with no signature
MPA have the chief for the Seminoles
Too many [?] strapped in my denim, [?]
I just might just pull up in a hummer truck with 'em
Finessing and flexing, top [?] gon' get 'em
36 O's in the bando, my agenda look lil bitty bitch I'ma kill 'em
Trapping with young niggas like Rambo killas, all of us rocking Givenchy chinchillas


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