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Young Thug - 100 Dollar Autograph lyrics

[Hook x2]
Hundred thousand dollars in a rubber band
Hundred dollar bill for my autograph
Tell me how it feels to become the man
There's not another man that can do what I can, yeah!

[Verse 1 - Skateboard Skooly]
I like dining in places where only women serve me
Ladies like me: they ask, I call it gimme service
Jay keeps calling and Erica's getting worried
Money's getting taller, vision's getting blurry
This game [???]
You ain't run it up yet, nigga? You better hurry
Momma keep calling my phone asking where I am
I just say the top, that's where I am
That's where I am, look I swear I am
Still letting these locals get above, look how fair I am
And if you're trying to see the future man, then here I am
If you look inside the best, there I am

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2 - Young Thug]
Uh, I went to Daytona for a week and caught that extra tan
Nigga trying to rob me gonna need an extra man
Too many bricks for the car we need an extra van
Too many pounds for the house, we need some extra land
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Ain't no more soda for the dope, go get some extra cans
That's too much soda for the dope, it's gonna be extra tan
This guap too big for these little jeans, I need some extra pants
The O.G.'s say I'm cool which means I'm extra fan
New cars, suicide doors and when it rains it pours
But we got more, more in stores
And if you get right baby all this yours
You dig?

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3 - Kaelub aka Yung PU]
A hundred thousand bands? Hey Nigga that ain't shit!
Hey I'm a real dirty boy I serve my Jays mixed
Hey catch me at the Lakers game in the S6
I tapped Kobe on the shoulder told him "Nice shit!"
Hey I'm a Rich Kid just like Skooly them
And I'm committed to the swag like Cooley them
I'm blessed like "Atchoo,"
Moving them goons to spot you
Hey Skooly bleed blue but it's "Soo Woo" to the roc crew
I am more, not you
Pockets on, I got you
100k today, I'm blowing paper like a nostil!
I'm blowing paper like a nostril
Loud bright diamonds give out sirens like the cops do

[Hook to fade]

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