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[Intro] Let’s play Let’s play Okay Yeah, huh [Verse 1] Yeah, playin’ with my nutsack Scratchin’ on this crack where I had to hide my Glock at Cops tryna catch me, I might pop that f** ’em, tryna catch ’em down bad, where them opps at? n***a tryna catch me slippin’, n***a I’m gon’ empty Got that Glock on me, you know that b**h there hold ’bout fifty Pull up on these n***as, yeah that bullsh**, know I’m with it And I love these freaky hoes, slimeball he love these b**hes Where them nat nat nat nats, give me neck neck I just wanna hit you front he back and slap that I just want some head lil mama, might give you some bread Later on I’m gone, b**h don’t call my phone, uh huh Mister slimeball the boss like Corleone, uh huh I get a n***a shot, get a n***a gone, uh huh All about that money, all of my n***as ’bout they skrilla Catch a n***a down bad, ooh young n***a gon’ and k** ’em We don’t play with nobody, everybody ’bout catching a body Bodies on bodies, n***a we’ll k** everybody All these n***as talkin’ ’bout it, they ain’t ’bout it Feel like Master P, but I really want big bank n***a Pull up on these lame a** n***as in that tank n***a Got your b**h on my dick, yeah she faint n***a When she see the slimeball, b**h it’s boss You know these hoes love to lick my balls [Interlude] Hahaha, hahaha, yeah Scratchin’ on my nutsack Yeah b**h (tell ’em slime) okay Okay [Verse 2] Soon I came in I had my motherf**in’ mask on n***a tried to move, f** that sh**, he got blast on Told that p**y n***a he better not f**in’ move First n***a move I’ma give his a** the blues Twelve lookin’ for me, slimeball didn’t leave no clues Yellow tape, closed case, make his mama faint Murder rate raised up, b**h I’m from EA You know how I play, rob a AK47 EA Shoot a motherf**er in his face, ooh that’s a cold case I don’t really pay with these n***as, I just spray at these n***as I be ridin’ through these streets with a K with me n***a Ain’t nobody f**in’ safe n***a Run up in your house, empty the safe n***a [Interlude] (what else slime?) Hahaha, I don’t know [Verse 3] Back in the kitchen, yeah we countin’ up this skrilla Rippin’ up this c**aine, me and all my n***as All these motherf**in’ convicted felons, we flexin’ on these n***as Why they flexin’, why they motherf**in’ stressin’ All this goddamn money, I swear to god god gave me a blessing I be flexing on these n***as, no fraud I be f**ing all these b**hes, more broads You ain’t gettin’ no money n***a, you a fraud, huh [Outro] What else, what else ho, what else I don’t what else f** it, f** it let’s do it (Bermuda sh**, get you k**ed out in the street) Ok, yeah, I like that Bermuda sh** n***a, get you k**ed out here in these streets, b**h That’s on gang b**h Yeah n***a, yeah, huh Itchy nutsack What the f** happened to the rest of it? that was it?

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